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Previous LREC Editions


Click each image to access the corresponding web site. A fastpath to the proceedings of each edition is also available. LREC Home Page:

LREC 2010, the seventh edition of LREC took place in Valletta (Malta) from 17th May to 23th May 2010 and attracted more than 1200 participants.

LREC 2010 Proceedings

LREC 2008, the sixth edition of LREC took place in Marrakech (Morocco) from 26th May to June 1st 2008 and attracted more than 1100 participants.

LREC 2008 Proceedings

LREC 2006, the fifth edition of LREC took place in Genoa (Italy) from 22th to 28th May 2006 and attracted more than 800 participants.

LREC 2006 Proceedings

LREC 2004, the fourth edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference was held in memory of Angel Martin Municio and Antonio Zampolli. LREC 2004, which took place in Lisbon (Portugal), attracted almost 1000 participants, coming from 50 countries from all the continents.

LREC 2004 Proceedings

In June 2002, LREC 2002 brought together over 715 members of the HLT community in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias (Spain), attracted by the numerous different domains covered by the conference sessions and the workshops.

LREC 2002 Proceedings

The second edition was organised in Athens (Greece) in May 2000. More than 600 people attended the conferences and workshops.

LREC 2000 Proceedings

The first LREC conference and its satellite workshops were organised in May 1998 and took place in Granada (Spain), where more than 500 attendees coming from 38 countries met together.

Published on Wednesday 1 February 2012
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Published on Wednesday 1 February 2012

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