Title WinPitch Corpus, a Text to Speech Alignment Tool for Multimodal Corpora
Author(s) Philippe Martin

UFRL Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot

Session P8-M
Abstract WinPitch Corpus is an innovative software program for computer-aided alignment of large corpora. It provides a method for easy and precise selection of alignment units, ranging from syllable to whole sentences in a hierarchical storing system of aligned data. The method is based on the ability to link visually and select with a mouse click a text segment with the perception of the corresponding speech sound played back at slower speech. Clicking on a text segment generates bidirectional speech-text pointers defining the alignment. This method has the advantage on emerging automatic processes to be effective even for poor quality speech recordings, or in case of speakers’ voice overlap. A recent version of the software handles multimedia files and is capable to display the corresponding video streams at slower speed. 
Keyword(s) Large corpora, text to speech alignment, phonetic analysis.
Language(s) Any 
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