SUMMARY : Session P10-S


Title SINOD - Slovenian non-native speech database
Authors A. Zgank, D. Verdonik, A. Markus, Z. Kacic
Abstract This paper presents the SINOD database, which is the first Slovenian non-native speech database. It will be used to improve the performance of large vocabulary continuous speech recogniser for non-native speakers. The main quality impact is expected for acoustic models and recogniser’s vocabulary. The SINOD database is designed as supplement to the Slovenian BNSI Broadcast News database. The same BN recommendations were used for both databases. Two interviews with non-native Slovenian speakers were incorporated in the set. Both non-native speakers were female, whereas the journalist was Slovenian native male speaker. The transcription approach applied in the production phase is presented. Different statistics and analyses of database are given in the paper.
Keywords speech database, non-native speech, Broadcast News, Slovenian
Full paper SINOD - Slovenian non-native speech database