SUMMARY : Session P10-S


Title Bilingual speech corpus in two phonetically similar languages
Authors V. Alabau, C. Martinez
Abstract As Speech Recognition Systems improve, they become suitable for facingnew problems. Multilingual speech recognition is one such problems.In the present work, the case of the Comunitat Valenciana multilingual environment is studied.The official languages in the Comunitat Valenciana (Spanish and Valencian) share most of their acoustic units, and their vocabularies and syntax are quite similar.They have influenced each other for many years.A small corpus on an Information System task was developed for experimentationpurposes.This choice will make it possible to develop a working prototype in the future,and it is simple enough to build semi-automatic language models.The design of the acoustic corpus is discussed, showing that all combinations of accents have been studied (native, non-native speakers, male, female, etc.).
Keywords Bilingual, Speech Corpus
Full paper Bilingual speech corpus in two phonetically similar languages