SUMMARY : Session P10-S


Title Bikers Accessing the Web: The SmartWeb Motorbike Corpus
Authors M. Kaiser, H. Mögele, F. Schiel
Abstract Three advanced German speech corpora have been collected during theGerman SmartWeb project. One of them, the SmartWeb MotorbikeCorpus (SMC) is described in this paper.As with all SmartWeb speech corpora SMC is designed for a dialogue system dealing with open domains.The corpus is recorded under the special circumstances of a motorbike ride and contains utterances of the driver related to information retrieval from various sources and different topics. Audio tracks show characteristic noise from the engine and surrounding traffic as well as drop outs caused by the transmission over Bluetooth and the UMTS mobile network. We discuss the problems of the technical setup and the fully automatic evocation of natural-spoken queries by means of dialogue-like sequences.
Keywords Speech Corpus, Situational Prompting, UMTS, Motorbike
Full paper Bikers Accessing the Web: The SmartWeb Motorbike Corpus