SUMMARY : Session P6-WT


Title Structure, Annotation and Tools in the Basque ZT Corpus
Authors N. Areta, A. Gurrutxaga, I. Leturia, Z. Polin, R. Saiz, I. Alegria, X. Artola, A. Ilarraza, N. Ezeiza, A. Sologaistoa, A. Soroa, A. Valverde
Abstract The ZT corpus (Basque Corpus of Science and Technology) is a tagged collection of specialized texts in Basque, which wants to be a main resource in research and development about written technical Basque: terminology, syntax and style. It will be the first written corpus in Basque which will be distributed by ELDA (at the end of 2006) and it wants to be a methodological and functional reference for new projects in the future (i.e. a national corpus for Basque). We also present the technology and the tools to build this Corpus. These tools, Corpusgile and Eulia, provide a flexible and extensible infrastructure for creating, visualizing and managing corpora and for consulting, visualizing and modifying annotations generated by linguistic tools.
Keywords Corpora, tools for annotation
Full paper Structure, Annotation and Tools in the Basque ZT Corpus