SUMMARY : Session O40-T Creating Terminologies


Title A Methodology for Developing Multilingual Resources for Terminology
Authors M. L’homme, H. Bae 
Abstract This paper presents a project that aims at building lexical resources for terminology. By lexical resources, we mean dictionaries that provide detailed lexico-semantic information on terms, i.e. lexical units the sense of which can be related to a special subject field. In terminology, there is a lack of such resources. The specific dictionaries we are currently developing describe basic French and Korean terms that belong to the fields of computer science and the Internet (e.g. computer, configure, user-friendly, Web, browse, spam). This paper presents the structure of the French and Korean articles: each component is examined and illustrated with examples. We then describe the corpus-based methodology and the different computer applications used for developing the articles. Our methodology comprises five steps: design of the corpora, selection of terms; sense distinction; definition of actantial structures and listing of semantic relations. Details on the current state of each database are also given.
Keywords terminology, multilingual dabatase, actantial structure, semantically related terms
Full paper A Methodology for Developing Multilingual Resources for Terminology