SUMMARY : Session O42-EW Question Answering Evaluation


Title Question Answering Evaluation Survey
Authors L. Gillard, P. Bellot, M. El-bze
Abstract Evaluating Question Answering (QA) Systems is a very complex task: state-of-the-art systems involve processing whose influences and contributions on the final result are not clear and need to be studied. We present some key points on different aspects of the QA Systems (QAS) evaluation: mainly, as performed during large-scale campaigns, but also with clues on the evaluation of QAS typical software components; the last part of this paper, is devoted to a brief presentation of the French QA campaign EQueR and presents two issues: inter-annotator agreement during campaign and the reuse of reference patterns.
Keywords Question Answering, QA, Evaluation, French Question Answering Campaign, EQUER
Full paper Question Answering Evaluation Survey