SUMMARY : Session P14-GW


Title Development of the First LRs for Macedonian: Current Projects
Authors R. Ivanovska-naskova
Abstract This paper presents in brief several ongoing projects whose aim is to develop the first LRs for Macedonian, in particular the raw corpus compiled by Prof. George Mitrevski at the Auburn University, the preparation for the compilation of a reference corpus for the Macedonian written language at the MASA (Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts), the first small annotated corpus of the Macedonian translation of the Orwell’s “1984”, the electronic dictionary of simple words created by Aleksandar Petrovski for the Macedonian module in the frame of the corpus processing system Intex/Nooj and the Morphological dictionary developed by the LTRC (Language Technology Research Center). Further we discuss the importance of the development of the basic LRs for Macedonian as a means of preservation and a prerequisite for the creation of the first commercial language products for this Slavic language.
Keywords language resources, corpora, electronic dictionaries
Full paper Development of the First LRs for Macedonian: Current Projects