SUMMARY : Session O36-W Semantically Annotated Corpora


Title Adding multi-layer semantics to the Greek Dependency Treebank
Authors H. Papageorgiou, E. Desipri, M. Koutsombogera, K. Pouli, P. Prokopidis
Abstract In this paper we give an overview of the approach adopted to add a layer of semantic information to the Greek Dependency Treebank [GDT]. Our ultimate goal is to come up with a large corpus, reliably annotated with rich semantic structures. To this end, a corpus has been compiled encompassing various data sources and domains. This collection has been preprocessed, annotated and validated on the basis of dependency representation. Taking into account multi-layered annotation schemes designed to provide deeper representations of structure and meaning, we describe the methodology followed as regards the semantic layer, we report on the annotation process and the problems faced and we conclude with comments on future work and exploitation of the resulting resource.
Keywords predicate argument structure, semantic role labeling, event annotation, event taxonomy
Full paper Adding multi-layer semantics to the Greek Dependency Treebank