SUMMARY : Session P11-WME


Title Syntactic Lexicon of Polish Predicative Nouns
Authors G. Vetulani, Z. Vetulani, T. Obrębski
Abstract In the paper we report realization of SyntLex project aiming at construction of a full lexicon grammar for Polish. The lexicon-grammar based paradigm in computer linguistics is derived from the predicate logic and attributes a central role to the predicative constructions. An important class of syntactic constructions in many languages (French, English, Polish and other Slavonic languages in particular) are those based on verbo-nominal collocations, with the verb playing a support role with respect to the noun considered as carrying the predicative information. In this paper we refer to the former research by one of the authors aiming at full description of verbo-nominal predicative constructions for Polish in the form of an electronic resource for LI applications. We describe procedures to complete and corpus-validate the resource obtained so far.
Keywords predicative nouns, support verbs, verbo-nominal collocations, lexicon-grammar, language resources
Full paper Syntactic Lexicon of Polish Predicative Nouns