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Title Bulgarian National Corpus Project
Authors Svetla Koeva, Diana Blagoeva and Siya Kolkovska
Abstract The paper presents Bulgarian National Corpus project (BulNC) - a large-scale, representative, online available corpus of Bulgarian. The BulNC is also a monolingual general corpus, fully morpho-syntactically (and partially semantically) annotated, and manually provided with detailed meta-data descriptions. Presently the Bulgarian National corpus consists of about 320 000 000 graphical words and includes more than 10 000 samples. Briefly the corpus structure and the accepted criteria for representativeness and well-balancing are presented. The query language for advance search of collocations and concordances is demonstrated with some examples - it allows to retrieve word combinations, ordered queries, inflexionally and semantically related words, part-of-speech tags, utilising Boolean operations and grouping as well. The BulNC already plays a significant role in natural language processing of Bulgarian contributing to scientific advances in spelling and grammar checking, word sense disambiguation, speech recognition, text categorisation, topic extraction and machine translation. The BulNC can also be used in different investigations going beyond the linguistics: library studies, social sciences research, teaching methods studies, etc.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), LR national/international projects, organizational/policy issues, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper Bulgarian National Corpus Project
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