Summary of the paper

Title Attempts at Visualization of Etymological Information
Authors Armin Hoenen
Abstract In this contribution, as a way of adding value to digital representations of lexica, visualization from etymological word histories is attempted and discussed. Reconstructing word histories constitutes an important part of lexicographers (especially etymologists) work and etymology is a genre of its own within lexicography. First, we present a rather simple and then a more complex hypothesis for a word history exemplarily, both along with concurrent visualizations. The main focus of the contribution is however more theoretical and can be circumscribed by questions such as which information from etymological lexica is best visualized, can be visualized, which visualizations can be meaningfully compared, semi-automatically compared, require annotation, extraction etc. The key question is how to derive useful visual representations of the histories of single words representing the content of articles from etymological lexica, or in other words, how can the additional information from the work of etymologists be used to enrich the digital representation of dictionaries via visualization. The contribution content is work in progress and rather a simple theoretical outline than grounded in explicit extraction.
Full paper Attempts at Visualization of Etymological Information
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