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LREC 2022

Proceedings of The LREC 2022 workshop on Natural Language Processing for Political Sciences

ISBN: 979-10-95546-88-7
EAN: 9791095546912

List of Papers

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pdf bib Papers pages
pdf bib NewYeS: A Corpus of New Year’s Speeches with a Comparative Analysis
Anna Tramarin and Carlo Strapparava
pp. 1‑7
pdf bib Correlating Political Party Names in Tweets, Newspapers and Election Results
Eric Sanders and Antal van den Bosch
pp. 8‑15
pdf bib Debating Europe: A Multilingual Multi-Target Stance Classification Dataset of Online Debates
Valentin Barriere, Alexandra Balahur and Brian Ravenet
pp. 16‑21
pdf bib An Unsupervised Approach to Discover Media Frames
Sha Lai, Yanru Jiang, Lei Guo, Margrit Betke, Prakash Ishwar and Derry Tanti Wijaya
pp. 22‑31
pdf bib Electoral Agitation Dataset: The Use Case of the Polish Election
Mateusz Baran, Mateusz Wójcik, Piotr Kolebski, Michał Bernaczyk, Krzysztof Rajda, Lukasz Augustyniak and Tomasz Kajdanowicz
pp. 32‑36
pdf bib Enhancing Geocoding of Adjectival Toponyms With Heuristics
Breno Dourado Sá, Ticiana Coelho da Silva and Jose Antonio Fernandes de Macedo
pp. 37‑45
pdf bib Cause and Effect in Governmental Reports: Two Data Sets for Causality Detection in Swedish
Luise Dürlich, Sebastian Reimann, gustav finnveden, Joakim Nivre and Sara Stymne
pp. 46‑55
pdf bib Does Twitter know your political views? POLiTweets dataset and semi-automatic method for political leaning discovery
Joanna Baran, Michał Kajstura, Maciej Ziolkowski and Krzysztof Rajda
pp. 56‑61
pdf bib Political Communities on Twitter: Case Study of the 2022 French Presidential Election
Hadi Abdine, Yanzhu Guo, Virgile Rennard and Michalis Vazirgiannis
pp. 62‑71
pdf bib What Does the Indian Parliament Discuss? An Exploratory Analysis of the Question Hour in the Lok Sabha
Suman Adhya and Debarshi Kumar Sanyal
pp. 72‑78
pdf bib Don’t Burst Blindly: For a Better Use of Natural Language Processing to Fight Opinion Bubbles in News Recommendations
Evan Dufraisse, Célina Treuillier, Armelle Brun, Julien Tourille, Sylvain Castagnos and Adrian Popescu
pp. 79‑85
pdf bib Creation of Polish Online News Corpus for Political Polarization Studies
Joanna Szwoch, Mateusz Staszkow, Rafal Rzepka and Kenji Araki
pp. 86‑90
pdf bib Annotation of expressive dimensions on a multimodal French corpus of political interviews
Jules Cauzinille, Marc Evrard, Nikita Kiselov and Albert Rilliard
pp. 91‑97
pdf bib TransCasm: A Bilingual Corpus of Sarcastic Tweets
Desline Simon, Sheila Castilho, Pintu Lohar and Haithem Afli
pp. 98‑103

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