Summary of the paper

Title A Pilot Gender Study of the Danish Parliament Corpus
Authors Dorte Haltrup Hansen, Costanza Navarretta and Lene Offersgaard
Abstract This paper describes a pilot analysis of gender differences in the revised transcripts of speeches from the sittings in the Danish Parliament in the period from 2009 to 2017. Information about the number and duration of the speeches, the gender, age, party, and role in the party was automatically extracted from the transcripts and from other data on the Danish Parliament web site. The analysis shows statistically significant differences in the number and duration of the speeches by male and female politicians, and we also found differences in speech frequency with respect to the age of the politicians. Our analysis confirms previous studies on parliamentary data in other countries showing that the role of the politicians in their party influences their participation in the debates. Furthermore, we found that female ministers were speaking more in the period with a female prime minister than they did under a male prime minister. In the future, we will determine the statistical significance of the various parameters we have analysed in this paper and automatically extract linguistic information which can further determine differences between male and female politicians of different age and from different parties.
Full paper A Pilot Gender Study of the Danish Parliament Corpus
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