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LB-IRL2018 and MMC2018 Joint Workshop

Session 1: Language and Body in Real Life I Chair: Yasuharu Den
14.05-14.25 Hanae Koiso, Yasuyuki Usuda, Haruka Amatani, Yoshiko Kawabata and Yasuharu Den Design and Preliminary Analysis of the Corpus of Everyday Japanese Conversation
14.25-14.45 Hiroko Tokunaga, Shuzo Masaki and Naoki Mukawa Preliminary Analyses of Spatial Positions of Poster Session Audience and Their Joining in/Leaving Behaviors
14.45-15.05 Mizuki Koda Language and Body as Resources for Distributing Orientation: The Organization of Participation in Leaving the Ongoing Conversation
15.05-15.25 Rui Sakaida and Yasuharu Den Sitting Down and Standing Up as Resources for Reorganization of Participation Framework: Analysis of Preparatory Meeting for Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival


Session 2: Language and Body in Real Life II Chair: Yasuharu Den
16.30-16.50 Saori Daiju and Tsuyoshi Ono Studying Japanese Distal Demonstrative Are Using Video Corpus


Session 3: Multimodal Corpora Chair: Patrizia Paggio
16.50-17.10 Ingo Siegert, Julia Krüger, Olga Egorow, Jannik Nietzold, Ralph Heinemann and Alicia Lotz Voice Assistant Conversation Corpus (VACC): A Multi-Scenario Dataset for Addressee Detection in Human-Computer-Interaction using Amazon's ALEXA
17.10-17.30 Justine Reverdy, Akira Hayakawa and Carl Vogel Alignment in a Multimodal Interlingual Computer-Mediated Map Task Corpus
17.30-17.50 Kristiina Jokinen Conversational Gaze modelling in First Encounter Robot Dialogues


LB-IRL2018 and MMC2018 Joint Workshop

Session Poster Chair: Hanae Koiso
15.30-16.30 Emanuela Cresti, Lorenzo Gregori, Massimo Moneglia and Alessandro Panunzi The Language into Act Theory: A Pragmatic Approach to Speech in Real-Life
15.30-16.30 Hajime Murai Factor Analysis of Japanese Daily Utterance Styles
15.30-16.30 Yasuyuki Yoshida, Takuichi Nishimura and Kristiina Jokinen Biomechanics for Understanding Movements in Daily Activities
15.30-16.30 Yasuharu Den F-formation and Social Context: How Spatial Orientation of Participants' Bodies is Organized in the Vast Field
15.30-16.30 Patrizia Paggio and Costanza Navarretta Temporal Coordination of Facial Expressions and Head Movements in First Encounter Dialogues
15.30-16.30 Soumia Dermouche and Catherine Pelachaud Expert-Novice Interaction: Annotation and Analysis


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