Summary of the paper

Title Image-Gesture-Voice: a Web Component for Eliciting Speech
Authors Mat Bettinson and Steven Bird
Abstract We describe a reusable Web component for capturing talk about images. A speaker is prompted with a series of images and talks about each one while adding gestures. Others can watch the audio-visual slideshow, and navigate forwards and backwards by swiping on the images. The component supports phrase-aligned respeaking, translation, and commentary. This work extends the method of Basic Oral Language Documentation by prompting speakers with images and capturing their gestures. We show how the component is deployed in a mobile app for collecting and sharing know-how which was developed in consultation with indigenous groups in Taiwan and Australia. We focus on food preparation practices since this is an area where people are motivated to preserve and disseminate their cultural and linguistic heritage.
Full paper Image-Gesture-Voice: a Web Component for Eliciting Speech
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