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A Rule-Based System for the Transcription of Sanskrit from the Devanagari Orthography to the International Phonetic Alphabet Aalok Sathe


Beyond Protocol: Indigenous Knowledge Resource Circulation in the Digital Age David Nathan
Building Multilingual Parallel Corpora for Under-Resourced Languages Using Translated Fictional Texts Amel Fraisse, Ronald Jenn and Shelley Fisher Fishkin


Classifying and Searching Resource-Poor Languages More Efficiently. Using the FastText Word Embeddings for the Aramaic Language Family. Mathias Coeckelbergs
Convergent development of digital resources for West African Languages Dorothee Beermann, Lars Hellan and Tormod Hauglud


Digitizing National Cuisines: Cooking Recipes as Conceptual Graphs Dmitri Dmitriev


Gathering Data for Speech Technology in Welsh: A Case Study Delyth Prys and Dewi Jones


Hard Numbers: Language Exclusion in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing Martin Benjamin


Image-Gesture-Voice: a Web Component for Eliciting Speech Mat Bettinson and Steven Bird


Krik: First Steps into Crowdsourcing POS tags for Kréyòl Gwadloupéyen Alice Millour and Karën Fort


Preservation of Original Orthography in the Construction of an Old Irish Corpus. Adrian Doyle, John McCrae and Clodagh Downey


Seeing the Heiltsuk Orthography from Font Encoding through to Unicode: A Case Study Using Convertextract Aidan Pine and Mark Turin
Sustaining Linguistic Diversity Through Human Language Technology : A Case Study for Hindi Shweta Sinha


The MediaBubble Dataset Lászó Grad-Gyenge and Linda Andersson


Unlocking Cultural Knowledge in Indigenous Language Resources: Collaborative Computing Methodologies Amelie Dorn, Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Yalemisew Abgaz, Alejandro Benito Santos and Roberto Therón
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