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The Antonio Zampolli Prize for

Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Language Resources and Language Technology Evaluation within Human Language Technologies Antonio Zampolli

was awarded for the first time at LREC 2004 to Fredrick Jelinek, from John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA.

The ELRA Board had decided to create a prize to honour the memory of its first president, Antonio Zampolli, a pioneer and visionary scientist who was internationally recognized in the field of computational linguistics and Human Language Technologies (HLT). He also contributed much through the establishment of ELRA and the LREC conference.

To reflect Antonio Zampolli’s specific interest in our field, the Prize will be awarded to individuals whose work lies within the areas of Language Resources and Language Technology Evaluation with acknowledged contributions to their advancements.

The European Language Resources Association (ELRA) was established as a non-profit organisation in Luxembourg in February, 1995. ELRA is the driving force that makes language resources available for language engineering R&D and evaluation worldwide. In order to achieve this goal, ELRA activities include the identification, distribution, collection, validation, standardisation, and promotion of the production of language resources. ELRA also supports the establishment of infrastructures for HLT evaluation. Following in the steps of Antonio, ELRA continues to work to develop the field of language resources and technology evaluation.

For additional information about the Antonio Zampolli Prize and ELRA see www.elra.info

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