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You will find below the conference programme.
You are invited to click on each session title to obtain more detailed information about its contents.

Each session title is preceded by a unique code. The letters "O" and "P" refer to the type of presentation. The letters "G", "T", "W", "S", "E", and "M", referring to the domain(s) treated, may be combined.

  • O : Oral presentation
  • P : Poster presentation
  • G : General
  • T : Terminology
  • W : Written
  • S : Speech
  • E : Evaluation
  • M : Multimodality

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Day 1, Wednesday 26th May 2004
Schedule Programme Room
10:00-10:40 Opening Ceremony Grande Auditorio
10:40-11:40 Session in Memory of Antonio Zampolli :
Bernard Quemada, Makoto Nagao, Martin Kay
Grande Auditorio
11:40-12:00 Coffee Break
12:00-13:20 5 Oral Sessions in Parallel
  O1-TW : Ontologies Grande Auditorio
  O2-W : Learning & Acquisition (I) Queda
  O3-W : Tagging & Grammar Calempluy
  O4-S : Speech Corpora with Linguistic Annotations Siaca
  O5-T : Terminology & Knowledge Sala A
13:20-14:40 Lunch Break
14:40-16:40 5 Oral Sessions in Parallel
  O6-GSW : Large Programs on Language Resources Grande Auditorio
  O7-GW : Standards Queda
  O8-W : Lexicon & Semantics (I) Calempluy
  O9-SE : Speech, Expression & Emotion Siaca
  O10-MSE : Multimodal Resources, Tools & Applications Sala A
16:40-17:00 Coffee Break
17:00-18:20 Poster Sessions
  P1-W : Corpus & Lexicon Tools Nobre
  P2-W : Named Entity Nobre hall (1)
  P3-W : Machine Translation Nobre hall (2)
  P4-G : General Issues, Architectures for LRs & Evaluation Infrastructures Nobre hall (3)
  P5-W : Learning & Acquisition Siaca hall
  P6-T : Terminology Tools & Data Sala 7-9
  P7-EW : Evaluation of LRs & Tools Sala 7-9
  P8-M : Packaging Multimodal Corpora Laman (1)
  P9-SE : Speech : Tools, Platforms, Databases, Infrastructures Laman (2)
18:20-18:25 5 Minutes Break
18:25-19:45 1 Panel & 4 Oral Sessions in Parallel
18:25-19:45 Panel :
Industrial Needs for Language Resources
Moderator : Bente Maegaard
Grande Auditorio
  O11-EW : Evaluation of Disambiguation Systems & Ontologies Queda
  O12-W : Coreference & Anaphora (I) Calempluy
  O13-S : Phonetically-oriented Databases Siaca
  O14-W : Summarisation (I) Sala A

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

O1-TW : Ontologies Top
Chairperson : Louise Guthrie  
12:00-12:20 The Rationale for Building an Ontology Expressly for NLP
  Sergei Nirenburg, Marjorie McShane & Stephen Beale
12:20-12:40 Towards Ontology Engineering Based on Linguistic Analysis
  Paul Buitelaar, Daniel Olejnik, Mihaela Hutanu, Alexander Schutz, Thierry Declerck, Michael Sintek
12:20-12:40 Towards the MEANING Top Ontology : Sources of Ontological Meaning
  Jordi Atserias, Salvador Climent, & German Rigau
12:40-13:00 Principles of a system for terminological concept modelling
  Bodil Nistrup Madsen, Hanne Erdman Thomsen, & Carl Vikner
O2-W : Learning & Acquisition (I) Top
Chairperson : Timothy Baldwin  
12:00-12:20 Raising the Bar : Stacked Conservative Error Correction Beyond Boosting
  Dekai WU, Grace NGAI, Marine CARPUAT
12:20-12:40 Automatic Acquisition of Sense Examples using ExRetriever
  Juan Fernández, Mauro Castillo, German Rigau, Jordi Atserias, Jordi Turmo
12:40-13:00 Automatic Methods to Supplement Broad-Coverage Subcategorization Lexicons
  Michael Schiehlen, Kristina Spranger
13:00-13:20 Cross-Language Acquisition of Semantic Models for Verbal Predicates
  Jordi Atserias, Bernardo Magnini, Octavian Popescu, Eneko Agirre, Aitziber Atutxa, German Rigau, John Carroll, Rob Koeling
O3-W : Tagging & Grammar Top
Chairperson : Eva Hajičová  
12:00-12:20 Tiered Tagging Revisited
  Dan Tufis, Liviu Dragomirescu
12:20-12:40 SVMTool : A general POS tagger generator based on Support Vector Machines.
  Jesús Giménez & Lluís Mŕrquez
12:40-13:00 Exploring portability of syntactic information from English to Basque
  Eneko Agirre, Aitziber Atutxa, Koldo Gojenola, Kepa Sarasola
13:00-13:20 Building a large grammar for Italian
  Alessandro Mazzei & Vincenzo Lombardo
O4-S : Speech Corpora with Linguistic Annotations Top
Chairperson : Isabel Trancoso  
12:00-12:20 Linguistic annotation of the Spoken Dutch Corpus : If we had to do it all over again ...
  Ineke Schuurman, Wim Goedertier, Heleen Hoekstra, Nelleke Oostdijk, Richard Piepenbrock, Machteld Schouppe
12:20-12:40 Automatic Phonemic Labeling & Segmentation of Spoken Dutch
  Kris Demuynck, Tom Laureys, Patrick Wambacq, Dirk Van Compernolle
12:40-13:00 Linguistic Resources for Effective, Affordable, Reusable Speech-to-Text
  Stephanie Strassel
13:00-13:20 The Fisher Corpus ; a Resource for the Next Generations of Speech-to-Text
  Christopher Cieri, David Miller, Kevin Walker
O5-T : Terminology & Knowledge Top
Chairperson : Rute Costa  
12:00-12:20 "Human Language Technology Elements in a Knowledge Organisation System -The VID project"
  Costanza Navarretta, Bolette Sandford Pedersen, Dorte Haltrup Hansen
12:20-12:40 Detection of Domain Specific Terminology Using Corpora Comparison
  Patrick Drouin
12:40-13:00 A Large-Scale Resource for Storing & Recognizing Technical Terminology
  Henk Harkema, Robert Gaizauskas, Mark Hepple, Neil Davis, Yikun Guo, Angus Roberts, Ian Roberts
13:00-13:20 The GENOMA-KB project : towards the integration of concepts, terms, textual corpora & entities
  M. Teresa Cabré, Carme Bach, Rosa Estopŕ, Judit Feliu, Gemma Martínez, Jorge Vivaldi
O6-GSW : Large Programs on Language Resources Top
Chairperson : Hitoshi Isahara  
14:40-15:00 The African Speech Technology Project : An Assessment
  Roux, JC, Louw, PH & Niesler, TR

15:00-15:20 SALA II across the finish line : a large collection of mobile telephone speech databases from North & Latin America completed
  Henk van den Heuvel, Phil Hall, Harald Höge, Asunción Moreno, Antonio Rincon, Francesco Senia
15:20-15:40 Collection of SLR in the Asian-Pacific area
  Asunción Moreno, Khalid Choukri, Phil Hall, Henk van den Heuvel, Eric Sanders, Francesco Senia, Herbert Tropf
15:40-16:00 The new Dutch-Flemish HLT Programme : a concerted effort to stimulate the HLT sector
  Catia Cucchiarini & Elisabeth D’Halleweyn
16:00-16:20 NEMLAR - an Arabic Language Resources project
  Bente Maegaard
16:20-16:40 Cross-Disciplinary Integration of Metadata Descriptions
  Peter Wittenburg, Greg Gulrajani, Daan Broeder, Marcus Uneson
O7-GW : Standards Top
Chairperson : Sophia Ananiadou  
14:40-15:00 Towards a Reference Annotation Framework
  Susanne Salmon-Alt, Laurent Romary
15:00-15:20 A Global Data Category Registry for Interoperable Language Resources
  Sue Ellen Wright
15:20-15:40 Standards for Language Codes : developing ISO 639
  David Dalby, Lee Gillam, Christopher Cox, Debbie Garside
15:40-16:00 Content Interoperability of Lexical Resources : Open Issues & "MILE" Perspectives
  Francesca Bertagna, Alessandro Lenci, Monica Monachini, Nicoletta Calzolari
16:00-16:20 A Registry of Standard Data Categories for Linguistic Annotation
  Nancy Ide & Laurent Romary
16:20-16:40 Migrating Language Resources from SGML to XML : the Text Encoding Initiative Recommendations
  Syd Bauman, Alejandro Bia, Lou Burnard, Tomaz Erjavec, Christine Ruotolo, Susan Schreibman
O8-W : Lexicon & Semantics (1) Top
Chairperson : Claude De Loupy  
14:40-15:00 Selecting the Correct English Synset for a Spanish Sense
  Javier Farreres, Horacio Rodríguez
15:00-15:20 Enriching WordNet Via Generative Metonymy & Creative Polysemy
  Jer Hayes, Tony Veale, Nuno Seco
15:20-15:40 Enriching EWN with Syntagmatic Information by means of WSD
  Iulia Nica, MŞ Antňnia Martí, Andrés Montoyo & Sonia Vázquez
15:40-16:00 Proper Names & Polysemy : from a Lexicographic Experience
  Rita Marinelli
16:00-16:20 Spanish WordNet 1.6 : Porting the Spanish Wordnet across Princeton versions
  Jordi Atserias, Luís Villarejo, German Rigau
16:20-16:40 Metaphors in Wordnets : from Theory to Practice
  Antonietta Alonge, Birte Lönneker
O9-SE : Speech, Expression & Emotion Top
Chairperson :Nikos Fakotakis  
14:40-15:00 "You stupid tin box" - children interacting with the AIBO robot : A cross-linguistic emotional speech corpus.
  A. Batliner, C. Hacker, S. Steidl, E. Nöth, S. D’Arcy, M. Russell, M. Wong
15:00-15:20 Collecting authentic expressive spoken corpora : intensive vs. extensive speech farming.
  Véronique Aubergé, Nick Campbell
15:20-15:40 Evaluating an Authentic Audio-Visual Expressive Speech Corpus
  Rilliard Albert, Aubergé Véronique & Audibert Nicolas
15:40-16:00 E-Wiz : a Trapper Protocol for Hunting the Expressive Speech Corpora in Lab
  Aubergé Véronique, Audibert Nicolas & Rilliard Albert
16:00-16:20 Speech & Expression ; the Value of a Longitudinal Corpus
  Nick Campbell
16:20-16:40 Creation of a Doctor-Patient Dialogue Corpus Using Standardized Patients
  Robert S. Belvin, Win May
O10-MSE : Multimodal Resources, Tools & Applications Top
Chairperson : Florian Schiel  
14:40-15:00 Management of Metadata in Linguistic Fieldwork : Experience from the ACLA Project
  Baden Hughes, Davoid Penton, Steven Bird, Catherine Bow, Gillian Wigglesworth, Patrick McConvell, Jane Simpson,
15:00-15:20 Towards General-Purpose Annotation Tools - How far are we today ?
  Laila Dybkjćr & Niels Ole Bernsen
15:20-15:40 Toward an annotation software for video of Sign Language, including image processing tools & signing space modelling
  A. Braffort, A. Choisier, C. Collet, P. Dalle, F. Gianni, F. Lenseigne, J. Segouat
15:40-16:00 Multimodal Multilingual Resources in the Subtitling Process
  Stelios Piperidis, Iason Demiros, Prokopis Prokopidis, Peter Vanroose, Anja Hoethker, Walter Daelemans, Elsa Sklavounou, Manos Konstantinou, Yannis Karavidas
16:00-16:20 Evaluating Multimodal NLG using Production Experiments
  Ielka van der Sluis Emiel Krahmer
16:20-16:40 Collaborative Annotation of Sign Language Data with Peer-to-Peer Technology
  Hennie Brugman, Onno Crasborn, Albert Russel
P1-W : Corpus & Lexicon Tools Top
Chairperson : Truus Kruyt  
  An XML Representation for Annotated Handwriting Datasets for Online Handwriting Recognition
  Ajay S Bhaskarabhatla & Sriganesh Madhvanath
  Development of a Corpus Workbench for the METU Turkish Corpus
  Umut Özge, Bilge Say
  The SPARTACUS-Database : a Spanish Sentence Database for Offline Handwriting Recognition
  Salvador Espańa, María José Castro & José Luis Hidalgo
  Using a Parallel Transcript/Subtitle Corpus for Sentence Compression
  Vincent Vandeghinste & Erik Tjong Kim Sang
  The CLaRK System : XML-based Corpora Development System for Rapid Prototyping
  Kiril Simov, Alexander Simov, Hristo Ganev, Krasimira Ivanova, Ilko Grigorov
  FreeLing : An Open-Source Suite of Language Analyzers
  Xavier Carreras, Isaac Chao, Lluís Padró, Muntsa Padró
  Using Paradigm Tables to Generate New Utterances Similar to those Existing in Linguistic Resources
  Yves Lepage & Guilhem Peralta
  Design & Implementation of a Semantic Search Engine for Portuguese
  Carlos Amaral, Dominique Laurent, André Martins, Afonso Mendes, Cláudia Pinto
  Abar-Hitz : An Annotation Tool for the Basque Dependency Treebank
  Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza, Aitzpea Garmendia , Maite Oronoz
  Creating multi-purpose linguistic resources for Modern Greek : a deep Modern Greek Grammar
  Valia Kordoni, Julia Neu
  Concept-based Queries : Combining & Reusing Linguistic Corpus Formats & Query Languages
  Felix Sasaki, Andreas Witt, Dafydd Gibbon, Thorsten Trippel
  Dynamic lexicographic data modelling. A diachronic dictionary development report
  Paul Gévaudan & Dirk Wiebel
  Annotation of anaphoric expressions in an aligned bilingual corpus
  Agnčs Tutin, Meriam Haddara, Ruslan Mitkov, Constantin Orasan
  Linguistic Corpus Search
  Chris Biemann, Uwe Quasthoff, Christian Wolff
  Bypassing Greeklish !
  A. Chalamandaris, P. Tsiakoulis, S. Raptis, G. Giannopoulos & G. Carayannis
  Semi-automatic UNL Dictionary Generation using WordNet.PT
  Catarina Ribeiro, Ricardo Santos, Rui Pedro Chaves, Palmira Marrafa
  An Environment for Dialogue Corpora Collection (ENDIACC)
  Zygmunt Vetulani
  Applying a Part-of-Speech Tagger to Postal Address Detection on the Web
  Nuno Cavalheiro Marques, Sérgio Gonçalves
  A Public Reference Implementation of the RAP Anaphora Resolution Algorithm
  Long Qiu, Min-Yen Kan, Tat-Seng Chua
  CHeM : A System for the Automatic Analysis of e-mails in the Restoration & Conservation Domain
  Luciana Bordoni, Leonardo Pasqualini, Filippo Sciarrone
P2-W : Named Entity Top
Chairperson : Feiyu Xu  
  Pattern Discovery in Named Organization Corpus
  Hsin-Hsi Chen & Yi-Lin Chu
  A Named Entity Recognizer for Danish
  Eckhard Bick
  Creation of reusable components & language resources for Named Entity Recognition in Russian
  Borislav Popov, Angel Kirilov, Diana Maynard, Dimitar Manov
  Extraction of Polish Named-Entities
  Jakub Piskorski
  Resources for Place Name Analysis
  Robert Irie, Beth Sundheim
  Cluster Analysis & Classification of Named Entities
  Joaquim F. Ferreira da Silva, Zornitza Kozareva, José Gabriel Pereira Lopes
P3-W : Machine Translation Top
Chairperson : Anna Sagvall-Hein  
  Language Model Adaptation for Statistical Machine Translation based on Information Retrieval
  Matthias Eck, Stephan Vogel, Alex Waibel
  Automatic Translation Memory Fuzzy Match Post-Editing : A step beyond Traditional TM/MT Integration
  Lambros Kranias, Anna Samiotou
  Translation memories enrichment by statistical bilingual segmentation
  Francisco Nevado, Francisco Casacuberta, Josu Landa
  MetaMorpho TM : A Rule-Based Translation Corpus
  Grönler, Tamás ; Hodász, Gábor ; Kis, Balázs
  The Effect of Text Difficulty on Machine Translation Performance — A Pilot Study with ILR-Rated texts in Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Russian & Korean
  Ray Clifford, Neil Granoien, Douglas Jones, Wade Shen, Clifford Weinstein
  The Translation Correction Tool : English-Spanish user studies
  Ariadna Font Llitjós & Jaime Carbonell
P4-G : General Issues, Architectures for LRs & Evaluation Infrastructures Top
Chairperson : Dan Tufiş  
  The language belongs to the People !
  Cornelis H.A. Koster, Stefan Gradmann
  Rethinking Reusable Resources
  David M. de Matos, Ricardo Ribeiro, Nuno J. Mamede
  Architecture for Distributed Language Resource Management & Archiving
  Peter Wittenburg, Heidi Johnson, Markus Buchhorn, Hennie Brugman, Daan Broeder
  Web Services Architecture for Language Resources
  Angelo Dalli, Valentin Tablan, Kalina Bontcheva, Yorick Wilks, Daan Broeder, Hennie Brugman, Peter Wittenburg
  A large Metadata Domain of Language Resources
  Daan Broeder, Thierry Declerck, Laurent Romary, Marcus Uneson, Sven Strömqvist, Peter Wittenburg
  Towards an international standard on feature structure representation
  Kiyong Lee, Lou Burnard, Laurent Romary, Eric de la Clergerie, Thierry Declerck, Syd Bauman, Harry Bunt, Lionel Clément, Tomaz Erjavec, Azim Roussanaly, Claude Roux
  An Emerging Transcontinental Collaborative Research & Education Agenda in Human Language Technologies
  Gregory Ernest Monaco, Abdelhadi Soudi
  Technolangue : a Permanent Evaluation & Information Infrastructure
  Valérie Mapelli, Maria Nava, Sylvain Surcin, Djamel Mostefa, Khalid Choukri
P5-W : Learning & Acquisition Top
Chairperson : Patrizia Paggio  
  Automatic Extraction of Hyponyms from Japanese Newspaper. Using Lexico-syntactic Patterns
  Maya Ando, Satoshi Sekine & Shun Ishizaki
  Grouping Synonymous Sentences from a Parallel Corpus
  A Freely Available Automatically Generated Thesaurus of Related Words
  Reinhard Rapp
  Semi-supervised learning by Fuzzy clustering & Ensemble learning
  Hiroyuki Shinnou, Minoru Sasaki
  Multiple Sequence Alignment for characterizing the lineal structure of revision
  Laura Alonso, Irene Castellón, Jordi Escribano, Xavier Messeguer, Lluís Padró
  Mining the Web for Discourse Markers
  Ben Hutchinson
  A pattern extraction workbench combining multiple linguistic levels
  Magnus Merkel & Andreas Lange
  A Model of Semantic Representations Analysis For Chinese Sentences
  Li Tang, Donghong Ji, Yu Nie, Lingpeng Yang
  Tools for upgrading printed dictionaries by means of corpus-based lexical acquisition
  Ulrich Heid, Bettina Säuberlich, Esther Debus-Gregor, Werner Scholze-Stubenrecht
  Extraction of Hyperonymy of Adjectives from Large Corpora by Using the Neural Network Model
  Kyoko Kanzaki, Qing Ma, Eiko Yamamoto, Masaki Murata & Hitoshi Isahara
  Towards a dynamic lexicon : Predicting the syntactic argument structure of complex verbs
  Nadine Aldinger
  A Hybrid Strategy for Regular Grammar Parsing
  Kiril Simov & Petya Osenova
  A Flexible Language Acquisition Tool Kit for Natural Language Processing
  Svetlana Sheremetyeva
  Memory-based Classification of Proper Names in Norwegian
  Anders Nřklestad
P6-T : Terminology Tools & Data Top
Chairperson : Bojan Petek  
  Mercedes, A Term-In-Context Highlighter
  Raúl Araya, Jorge Vivaldi
  The Corpógrafo - a Web-based environment for corpora research
  Luís Sarmento, Belinda Maia, Diana Santos
  PBIE : A Data Preparation Toolkit toward Developing a Parsing-based Information Extraction System
  Junko Hosaka, Igor V. Kurochkin, Akihiko Konagaya
  Information Retrieval System Using Latent Contextual Relevance
  Minoru Sasaki, Hiroyuki Shinnou
  Methods of digital access for legal language documentation
  Paola Mariani, Costanza Badii
  Building a Maritime Domain Lexicon : a Few Considerations on the Database Structure & the Semantic Coding
  Rita Marinelli, Adriana Roventini, Alessandro Enea
  XTERM : A Flexible Standard-compliant XML-based Termbase Management System
  Lorenzo Piccioni, Eros Zanchetta
  An Annotated German-Language Medical Text Corpus as Language Resource
  Joachim Wermter, Udo Hahn
  Exploiting Anchor Text as a Lexical Resource
  Peter Anick
P7-EW : Evaluation of LRs & Tools Top
Chairperson : Keith Miller  
  On the problems of creating a golden standard of inflected forms in Portuguese
  Diana Santos, Anabela Barreiro
  Handling Subtle Sense Distinctions through Wordnet Semantic Types
  Sofia Stamou, Dimitris Christodoulakis
  Unsupervised Text Mining for Ontology Extraction : An Evaluation of Statistical Measures
  Marie-Laure Reinberger, Walter Daelemans
  Benchmarking ontology tools. A case study for the WebODE platform
  Oscar Corcho, Raúl García-Castro, Asunción Gómez-Pérez
  Evaluating Lexical Resources for A Semantic Tagger
  Scott S. L. Piao, Paul Rayson, Dawn Archer, Tony McEnery
  Automated Morphological Segmentation & Evaluation
  Uwe D. Reichel, Karl Weilhammer
  Evaluating Solutions for the Rapid Development of State-of-the-Art POS Taggers for Portuguese
  António Branco & Joăo Silva
  A practical comparison of different filters used in automatic term extraction
  Le An Ha
  EVALDA-CESART Project : Terminological Resources Acquisition Tools Evaluation Campaign
P8-M : Packaging Multimodal Corpora Top
Chairperson : Shigeyoshi Kitazawa  
  Multimodal Meaning Representation for Generic Dialogue Systems Architectures
  Frédéric Landragin, Alexandre Denis, Annalisa Ricci, Laurent Romary
  TalkBank : Building an Open Unified Multimodal Database of Communicative Interaction
  Brian MacWhinney, Steven Bird, Christopher Cieri, Craig Martell
  Annotation of Coreference Relations among Linguistic Expressions & Images in Biological Articles
  Ai Kawazoe, Asanobu Kitamoto, Nigel Collier
  Experiments on Building Language Resources for Multi-Modal Dialogue Systems
  Laurent Romary, Amalia Todirascu, David Langlois
  WinPitch Corpus. A text to Speech Alignment Tool for Multimodal Corpora
  Philippe Martin
  A sentence aligned translation corpus of film transcripts with links to sound & video
  Knut Hofland, Luis Serrano Fernández
P9-SE : Speech : Tools, Platforms, Databases, Infrastructures Top
Chairperson : Carmen Garcia-Mateo  
  Infrastructure for Collaborative Annotation of Speech
  Mickel Grönroos & Manne Miettinen
  Human dialogue modelling using annotated corpora
  Yorick Wilks, Nick Webb, Andrea Setzer, Mark Hepple, Roberta Catizone
  Comparative Evaluation of a Stochastic Parser on Semantic & Syntactic-semantic Labels
  Wolfgang Minker
  The Centre for Dutch Language & Speech Technology (TST Centre)
  J.C.T. Beeken, P.H.J. van der Kamp
  SpeechRecorder - a Universal Platform Independent Multi-Channel Audio Recording Software
  Christoph Draxler, Klaus Jänsch
  Using PiTagger fo Lemmatization & PoS Tagging of a Spontaneous Speech Corpus : C-ORAL-ROM Italian
  Alessandro Panunzi, Eugenio Picchi, Massimo Moneglia
  The American English SALA-II Data Collection
  Peter A. Heeman
  SLR Validation : Current Trends & Developments
  Henk van den Heuvel, Dorota Iskra, Eric Sanders, Folkert de Vriend
  The C-ORAL-ROM CORPUS. A Multilingual Resource of Spontaneous Speech for Romance Languages
  Emanuela Cresti, Fernanda Bacelar do Nascimento, Antonio Moreno Sandoval, Jean Veronis, Philippe Martin, Khalid Choukri,
  WALA : a multilingual resource repository for West African Languages
  Dafydd Gibbon, Firmin Ahoua, Eddi Gbéry, Eno-Abasi Urua, Moses Ekpenyong
  Design of an Interactive Web-based User Interface for Speech Database Query Formation
  Toomas Altosaar & Matti Karjalainen
  Conversational Telephone Speech Corpus Collection for the NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation 2004
  Alvin Martin, David Miller, Mark Przybocki, Joseph Campbell, Hirotaka Nakasone
  OrienTel - Telephony databases across Northern Africa & the Middle East
  Dorota Iskra, Rainer Siemund, Jamal Borno, Asuncion Moreno, Ossama Emam, Khalid Choukri, Oren Gedge, Herbert Tropf , Albino Nogueiras, Imed Zitouni, Anastasios Tsopanoglou, Nikos Fakotakis
  Orthographic & Phonetic Annotation of Very Large Czech Corpora with Quality Assessment
  Petr Pollák, Jan Černocký
  Spoken & Written Language Resources for Vietnamese
  Viet-Bac Le, Do-Dat Tran, Eric Castelli, Laurent Besacier, Jean-François Serignat
  Development of new telephone speech databases for French : the NEOLOGOS Project
  Elisabeth Pinto ; Delphine Charlet ; Hélčne François ; Djamel Mostefa ; Olivier Boëffard ; Dominique Fohr ; Odile Mella ; Frédéric Bimbot ; Khalid Choukri ; Yann Philip ; Francis Charpentier
  Issues in annotation of the Czech spontaneous speech corpus in the MALACH project
  Josef Psutka, Pavel Ircing, Jan Hajic, Vlasta Radova, Josef V. Psutka, William J. Byrne, Samuel Gustman
  Speech recognition simulation & its application for Wizard-of-Oz experiments
  Alex Trutnev, Antoine Ronzenknop, Martin Rajman
  A Graphical Tool for Handling Rule Grammars in Java Speech Grammar Format
  Kallirroi Georgila, Nikos Fakotakis, George Kokkinakis
  Collecting & Sharing Bilingual Spontaneous Speech Corpora : the Chinfadial Experiment
  Georges FAFIOTTE, Christian BOITET, Mark SELIGMAN, ZONG Chengqing
  Embedding IMDI metadata into a large phonetic corpus
  Oliver Schonefeld, Jan-Torsten Milde
  The Mixer Corpus of Multilingual, Multichannel Speaker Recognition Data
  Christopher Cieri, Joseph P. Campbell, Hirotaka Nakasone, David Miller, Kevin Walker
O11-EW : Evaluation of Disambiguation Systems & Ontologies Top
Chairperson : Key-Sun Choi  
18:25-18:45 Evaluating Variants of the Lesk Approach for Disambiguating Words

  Florentina Vasilescu, Philippe Langlais, Guy Lapalme
18:45-19:05 A similarity measure for unsupervised semantic disambiguation

  Roberto Basili, Marco Cammisa, Fabio Massimo Zanzotto
19:05-19-25 Data Driven Ontology Evaluation
  Christopher Brewster, Harith Alani, Srinandan Dasmahapatra, Yorick Wilks

19:25-19:45 Ontology Evaluation Functionalities of RDF(S),DAML+OIL, & OWL Parsers & Ontology Platforms

  Asunción Gómez-Pérez, M. Carmen Suárez-Figueroa
O12-W : Coreference & Anaphora (I) Top
Chairperson : Dan Cristea  
18:25-18:45 Exploiting Coreference Annotations for Text-to-Hypertext Conversion

  Anke Holler, Jan Frederik Maas, Angelika Storrer

18:45-19:05 Co-reference in Japanese Task-oriented Dialogues : A Contribution to the Development of Language-specific & Language-general Annotation Schemes & Resources

  Felix Sasaki, Andreas Witt
19:05-19-25 Generating Coreferential Descriptions from a Structured Model of the Context

  Hélčne Manuélian
19:25-19:45 A General-Purpose, off-the-shelf Anaphora Resolution Module : Implementation & Preliminary Evaluation

  Massimo Poesio Mijail A. Kabadjov
O13-S : Phonetically-oriented Databases Top
Chairperson : Asunción Moreno  
18:25-18:45 A Spoken Afrikaans Language Resource Designed for Research on Pronunciation Variations

  Daan Wissing, Jean-Pierre Martens, Ulrike Janke, Wim Goedertier

18:45-19:05 Acquiring Reusable Multilingual Phonotactic Resources
  Julie Carson-Berndsen & Robert Kelly
19:05-19-25 Phonological Treebanks. Issues in Generation & Application

  Moritz Neugebauer, Stephen Wilson

19:25-19:45 Improving Automatic Phonetic Transcription of Spontaneous Speech through Variant-Based Pronunciation Variation Modelling

  Diana Binnenpoorte, Catia Cucchiarini, Helmer Strik & Lou Boves

O14-W : Summarisation (I) Top
Chairperson : Stephan Busemann  
18:25-18:45 RevisionBank : A Resource for Revision-based Multi-document Summarization & Evaluation
  Jahna Otterbacher, Dragomir Radev
18:45-19:05 Generic Text Summarization using WordNet
  Kedar Bellare, Anish Das Sarma, Atish Das Sarma, Navneet Loiwal, Vaibhav Mehta, Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Pushpak Bhattacharya
19:05-19-25 Multi-Document Summarization using Multiple-Sequence Alignment
  V. Finley Lacatusu, Steven J. Maiorano & Sanda M. Harabagiu

19:25-19:45 MEAD - a platform for multidocument multilingual text summarization
  Dragomir Radev, Timothy Allison, Sasha Blair-Goldensohn, John Blitzer, Arda Celebi, Stanko Dimitrov, Elliott Drabek, Ali Hakim, Wai Lam, Danyu Liu, Jahna Otterbacher, Hong Qi, Horacio Saggion, Simone Teufel, Michael Topper, Adam Winkel, Zhu Zhang

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Day 2, Thursday 27th May 2004
Schedule Programme Room
09:00-09:40 2 Keynote Speeches
  Junichi Tsujii :
Thesaurus or logical ontology, which do we need for mining text ?
Pequeno Auditorio
  Marilyn Walker :
Can We Talk ? Prospects for Automatically Training Spoken Dialogue Systems
09:40-09:45 5 Minutes Break
09:45-11:05 5 Oral Sessions in Parallel
  O15-W : Named Entity Pequeno Auditorio
  O16-EW : Profiling, Document Classification & Evaluation Queda
  O17-W : Information Extraction & DIsambiguation Calempluy
  O18-MS : Multimodal Corpora Siaca
  O19-TW : Information Retrieval & Indexing Sala A
11:05-11:20 Coffee Break
11:20-13:20 5 Oral Sessions in Parallel
  O20-W : Corpus Semantic Annotation Pequeno Auditorio
  O21-EW : Evaluation of Machine Translation & Multilinguality Systems Queda
  O22-EW : Parsing Systems & Evaluation Calempluy
  O23-SE : Broadcast News Speech Corpora Siaca
  O24-TW : MultiWord Expressions & Terminology Sala A
13:20-14:40 Lunch Break
14:40-16:40 5 Oral Sessions in Parallel
  O25-EGSW : Large Programs, Data Centres & International Cooperation Pequeno Auditorio
  O26-W : Learning & Acquisition (II) Queda
  O27-ESW : Question Answering Calempluy
  O28-S : Dialogue Corpora Siaca
  O29-EMSW : Summarisation Systems & Evaluation (II) Sala A
16:40-17:00 Coffee Break
17:00-18:20 Poster Sessions
  P10-W : Computational Lexicons Nobre
  P11-W : Syntactic & Semantic Corpus Annotation Nobre hall (1)
  P12-W : Corpora for Multilingual Use Nobre hall (2)
  P13-W : General Issues & Large Progams Nobre hall (3)
  P14-W : Morphosyntactic Data & Tools Siaca hall
  P15-T : Terminology Acquisition Sala 7-9
  P16-E : Evaluation of Systems & Tools Sala 7-9
  P17-M : Multimodal Resources, Tools & Documentation Laman (1)
  P18-S : Speech Corpora & Annotation/Processing Tools Laman (2)
18:20-18:25 5 Minutes Break
18:25-19:45 1 Panel & 4 Oral Sessions in Parallel
18:25-19:45 Panel :
Collaborative Commentary : Opening Up Spoken Language Databases
Moderator : Brian MacWhinney
Pequeno Auditorio
  O30-SW : Infrastructures for LRs Queda
  O31-EW : Coreference, Anaphora & Evaluation (II) Calempluy
  O32-ES : Evaluation of Speech Annotation & Systems Siaca
  O33-TW : Morphosyntactic Corpora & Tools Sala A

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Keynote Speeches Top
9:00-9:40 Thesaurus or Logical Ontology, which do we need for Mining Text ?
  Junichi Tsujii
9:00-9:40 Can We Talk ? Prospects for Automatically Training Spoken Dialogue Systems
  Marilyn Walker
O15-W : Named Entity Top
Chairperson : Stelios Piperidis  
09:45-10:05 Corpus-based Learning of Lexical Resources for German Named Entity Recognition
  Marc Rössler
10:05-10:25 Automatic Language-Independent Induction of Gazetteer Lists
  Diana Maynard, Kalina Bontcheva, Hamish Cunningham
10:25-10:45 Automatic Building Gazetteers of Co-referring Named Entities
  Daniel Ferrés, Marc Massot, Muntsa Padró, Horacio Rodríguez, Jordi Turmo
10:45-11:05 NameNet : a Self-Improving Resource for Name Classification
  Paul Morarescu & Sanda Harabagiu
O16-EW : Profiling, Document Classification & Evaluation Top
Chairperson : Fabio Rinaldi  
09:45-10:05 Categorizing Web Pages as a Preprocessing Step for Information Extraction
  Viktor Pekar, Richard Evans, & Ruslan Mitkov
10:05-10:25 Meaningful Clusters
  Antonio Sanfilippo, Gus Calapristi, Vernon Crow, Beth Hetzler, Alan Turner
10:25-10:45 N-Gram Language Modeling for Robust Multi-Lingual Document Classification
  Jörg Steffen
10:45-11:05 Pumping Documents Through a Domain & Genre Classification Pipeline
  Udo Hahn, Joachim Wermter
O17-W : Information Extraction & Disambiguation Top
Chairperson : Takenobu Tokunaga  
09:45-10:05 Word Sense Disambiguation as a Wordnets’ Validation Method in Balkanet
  Dan Tufis, Radu Ion, Nancy Ide
10:05-10:25 A Domain-Independent Approach to IE Rule Development
  Kalliopi Zervanou, John McNaught
10:25-10:45 Text Corpora, Local Grammars & Prediction
  Hayssam Traboulsi, David Cheng & Khurshid Ahmad
10:45-11:05 Semantic categorization of Spanish se-constructions
  Glňria Vŕzquez, Ana Fernández Montraveta, Irene Castellón, Laura Alonso
O18-MS : Multimodal Corpora Top
Chairperson : Niels-Ole Bernsen  
09:45-10:05 Evaluating Factors Impacting the Accuracy of Forced Alignments in a Multimodal Corpus
  Lei Chen, Yang Liu, Mary Harper, Eduardo Maia, Susan McRoy
10:05-10:25 AV@CAR : A Spanish Multichannel Multimodal Corpus for In-Vehicle Automatic Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
  Alfonso Ortega,Federico Sukno, Eduardo LLeida, Alejandro Frangi, Antonio Miguel, Luis Buera, Ernesto Zacur
10:25-10:45 Image-Language Multimodal Corpora : needs, lacunae & an AI synergy for annotation
  Katerina Pastra & Yorick Wilks
10:45-11:05 Functional Requirements for an Interlinear Text Editor
  Baden Hughes, Catherine Bow & Steven Bird
O19-TW : Information Retrieval & Indexing Top
Chairperson : Sergei Nirenburg  
09:45-10:05 EuroWordNet as a Resource for Cross-language Information Retrieval
  Mark Stevenson & Paul Clough
10:05-10:25 Exploring Balkanet Shared Ontology for Multilingual Conceptual Indexing
  Sofia Stamou, Goran Nenadic, Dimitris Christodoulakis
10:25-10:45 Bayesian Semantics Incorporation to Web Content for Natural Language Information Retrieval
  Manolis Maragoudakis & Nikos Fakotakis
10:45-11:05 Methodology for Building Thematic Indexes in Medicine for French
  Yalina Alphonse, Pierrette Bouillon
O20-W : Corpus Semantic Annotation Top
Chairperson : Laurent Romary  
11:20-11:40 Semantic mark-up of Italian legal texts through NLP-based techniques
  Roberto Bartolini, Alessandro Lenci, Simonetta Montemagni, Vito Pirrelli, Claudia Soria
11:40-12:00 A powerful & versatile XML format for representing role-semantic annotation
  Katrin Erk & Sebastian Pado
12:00-12:20 Annotating Noun Argument Structure for NomBank
  Adam Meyers, Ruth Reeves, Catherine Macleod, Rachel Szekely, Veronika Zielinska, Brian Young, Ralph Grishman
12:20-12:40 A Suite of Tools for Marking Up Textual Data for Temporal Text Mining Scenarios
  Argyrios Vasilakopoulos, Michele Bersani & William J. Black
12:40-13:00 Large Scale Experiments for Semantic Labeling of Noun Phrases in Raw Text

  Louise Guthrie, Roberto Basili, Fabio Zanzotto, Kalina Bontcheva, Hamish Cunningham, David Guthrie, Jia Cui, Marco Cammisa, Jerry Cheng-Chieh Liu, Cassia Farria Martin, Kristiyan Haralambiev, Martin Holub, Klaus Machery, Fredrick Jelinek

13:00-13:20 Exploiting Language Resources for Semantic Web Annotations
  Kaarel Kaljurand, Fabio Rinaldi, James Dowdall, Michael Hess
O21-EW : Evaluation of Machine Translation & Multilinguality Systems Top
Chairperson : Maghi King  
11:20-11:40 Evaluation Resources for Medical Concept-based Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval in the Medical Domain
  Paul Buitelaar, Diana Steffen, Martin Volk, Dominic Widdows, Bogdan Sacaleanu, Špela Vintar, Stanley Peters, Hans Uszkoreit
11:40-12:00 Training a Sentence-Level Machine Translation Confidence Measure
  Christopher B. Quirk
12:00-12:20 Multi-lingual Evaluation of a Natural Language Generation System
  Athanasios Karasimos, Amy Isard
12:20-12:40 Modelling legitimate translation variation for automatic evaluation of MT quality
  Bogdan Babych, Anthony Hartley
12:40-13:00 The Automatic Content Extraction (ACE) Program - Tasks, Data, & Evaluation
  George Doddington, Alexis Mitchell, Mark Przybocki, Lance Ramshaw, Stephanie Strassel, Ralph Weischedel
13:00-13:20 The Future of Evaluation for Cross-Language Information Retrieval Systems
  Carol Peters, Martin Braschler, Khalid Choukri, Julio Gonzalo, Michael Kluck
O22-EW : Parsing Systems & Evaluation Top
Chairperson : Igor Boguslavski  
11:20-11:40 A Bayesian Model for Shallow Syntactic Parsing of Natural Language Texts
  Manolis Maragoudakis, Nikos Fakotakis & George Kokkinakis
11:40-12:00 A High Quality Partial Parser for Annotating German Text Corpora
  Stefan Klatt
12:00-12:20 Mapping Dependency Structures to Phrase Structures & the Automatic Acquisition of Mapping Rules
  Bernd Bohnet & Halyna Seniv
12:20-12:40 Hybrid Constraints for Robust Parsing : First Experiments & Evaluation
  Roberto Bartolini, Alessandro Lenci, Simonetta Montemagni, Vito Pirrelli
12:40-13:00 Phrase-Based Dependency Evaluation of a Japanese Parser
  Hisami Suzuki
13:00-13:20 Using the Penn Treebank to Evaluate Non-Treebank Parsers
  Eric K. Ringger, Robert C. Moore, Eugene Charniak, Lucy Vanderwende, Hisami Suzuki
O23-SE : Broadcast News Speech Corpora Top
Chairperson : Christopher Cieri  
11:20-11:40 The COST278 pan-European Broadcast News Database
  An Vandecatseye, Jean-Pierre Martens, Joao Neto, Hugo Meinedo, Carmen Garcia- Mateo, Javier Dieguez, France Mihelic, Janez Zibert, Jan Nouza, Petr David, Matus Pleva, Anton Cizmar, Harris Papageorgiou, Christina Alexandris

11:40-12:00 Automatic audio & manual transcripts alignment, time-code transfer & selection of exact transcripts

  C. Barras, G. Adda, M. Adda-Decker, B. Habert, P. Boula de Mareüil, P. Paroubek
12:00-12:20 Development of Resources for a Bilingual Automatic Index System of Broadcast News in Basque & Spanish

  Bordel G., Ezeiza A., Lopez de Ipina K., Méndez M., Peńagarikano M., Rico T., Tovar C., Zulueta E.
12:20-12:40 The ESTER Evaluation Campaign for the Rich Transcription of French Broadcast News
  G. Gravier, J-F. Bonastre, E. Geoffrois, S. Galliano, K. McTait, K. Choukri
12:40-13:00 Network-DC An Arabic Broadcast News Speech Corpus
  Niklas Paulsson, Mahtab Nikkhou
13:00-13:20 Collection & Evaluation of Broadcast News Data for Arabic
  Mohamed Afify, Ossama Emam
O24-TW : MultiWord Expressions & Terminology Top
Chairperson : Anne Copestake  
11:20-11:40 Finding the Correct Interpretation of Swedish Compounds, a Statistical Approach
  Jonas Sjobergh, Viggo Kann
11:40-12:00 Reusable Lexical Representations for Idioms
  Jan Odijk
12:00-12:20 Identifying Morphosyntactic Preferences in Collocations
  Stefan Evert, Ulrich Heid, Kristina Spranger
12:20-12:40 Bootstrapping a database of German multi-word expressions
  Alexander Geyken
12:40-13:00 The Role of MultiWord Terminology in Knowledge Management
  James Dowdall, Will Lowe, Jeremy Ellman, Fabio Rinaldi, Michael Hess
13:00-13:20 French-English multi-word term alignment based on lexical context analysis
  Béatrice Daille, Samuel Dufour-Kowalski, Emmanuel Morin
O25-EGSW : Large Programs, Data Centres & International Cooperation Top
Chairperson : Harald Hoege   :
14:40-15:00 Current Projects in Languages of Military Interest at the Defense Language Institute
  Michael Emonts
15:00-15:20 A Progress Report from the Linguistic Data Consortium : recent activities in resource creation & distribution & the development of tools & standards /u>
  Christopher Cieri & Mark Liberman
15:20-15:40 Recent activities within The European Language Resources Association Issues on sharing Speech resources & Evaluation
  Khalid Choukri et. al.
15:40-16:00 ENABLER Thematic Network of National Projects : Technical, Strategic & Political Issues of LRs
  Nicoletta Calzolari, Khalid Choukri, Maria Gavrilidou, Bente Maegaard, Paola Baroni, Hanne Fersře, Alessandro Lenci, Valerie Mapelli, Monica Monachini, Stelios Piperidis
16:00-16:20 ELRA Validation Methodology & Standard Promotion for Linguistic Resources
  Hanne Fersře, Monica Monachini
16:20-16:40 Developing Language Resources for a Transnational Digital Government System
  Violetta Cavalli-Sforza, Jaime G. Carbonell, Peter J. Jansen

O26-W : Learning & Acquisition (II) Top
Chairperson : Núria Bel  
14:40-15:00 Utilizing the One-Sense-per-Discourse Constraint for Fully Unsupervised Word Sense Induction & Disambiguation
  Reinhard Rapp
15:00-15:20 Acquiring Bayesian Networks from Text
  Olivia Sanchez-Graillet & Massimo Poesio
15:20-15:40 Multilingual Corpus-based Approach to the Resolution to English -ing
  Lee Schwartz, Takako Aikawa
15:40-16:00 Corpus based Enrichment of GermaNet Verb Frames
  Manuela Kunze & Dietmar Rösner
16:00-16:20 Automatic Acquisition of Paradigmatic Relations using Iterated Co-occurrences
  Chris Biemann, Stefan Bordag, Uwe Quasthoff
16:20-16:40 An Analysis of the Relative Difficulty of Reuters-21578 Subsets
  Franca Debole, Fabrizio Sebastiani
O27-ESW : Question Answering Top
Chairperson : Carol Peters  
14:40-15:00 Semi-Automatic Construction of a Question Treebank
  Karin Müller
15:00-15:20 Using Semantic Language Resources to Support Textual Inference for Question Answering
  Francesca Bertagna
15:20-15:40 An Information Repository Model for Advanced Question Answering Systems
  Vasco Calais Pedro, Jeongwoo Ko, Eric Nyberg, Teruko Mitamura
15:40-16:00 Designing a Realistic Evaluation of an End-to-end Interactive Question Answering System
  Nina Wacholder, Sharon Small, Bing Bai, Diane Kelly, Robert Rittman, Sean Ryan, Robert Salkin, Peng Song, Ying Sun, Liu Ting, Paul Kantor & Tomek Strzalkowski
16:00-16:20 User Query Analysis for the Specification & Evaluation of a Dialogue Processing & Retrieval System
  Agnes Lisowska, Andrei Popescu-Belis, Susan Armstrong
16:20-16:40 Using large multi-purpose corpora for specific research questions : discourse phenomena related to wh-questions in the Spoken Dutch Corpus
  Nelleke Oostdijk & Lou Boves
O28-S : Dialogue Corpora Top
Chairperson : Peter Wittenburg  
14:40-15:00 An argumentative annotation schema for meeting discussions
  Vincenzo PALLOTTA, Hatem GHORBEL, Patrick RUCH & Giovanni CORAY
15:00-15:20 An annotated corpus of tutorial dialogs on mathematical theorem proving
  Magdalena Wolska, Bao Quoc Vo, Dimitra Tsovaltzi, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Elena Karagjosova, Helmut Horacek, Malte Gabsdil, Armin Fiedler, Christoph Benzmüller
15:20-15:40 Evaluating Conversation with Hans Christian Andersen
  Niels Ole Bernsen, Laila Dybkjćr & Svend Kiilerich
15:40-16:00 MAUS Goes Iterative
  Florian Schiel
16:00-16:20 Using the NITE XML Toolkit on the Switchboard Corpus to study syntactic choice : a case study
  Jean Carletta, Shipra Dingare, Malvina Nissim, Tatiana Nikitina
16:20-16:40 An annotation scheme for information status in dialogue
  Malvina Nissim, Shipra Dingare, Jean Carletta, & Mark Steedman
O29-EMSW : Summarisation Systems & Evaluation (II) Top
Chairperson : Steven Krauwer  
14:40-15:00 Comparison of some automatic & manual methods for summary evaluation based on the Text Summarization Challenge 2
  Hidetsugu Nanba & Manabu Okumura
15:00-15:20 Re-using high-quality resources for continued evaluation of automated summarization systems
  Laura Alonso i Alemany, Maria Fuentes, Marc Massot, Horacio Rodríguez
15:20-15:40 A comparison of summarisation methods based on term specificity estimation
  Constantin Orăsan, Viktor Pekar & Laura Hasler
15:40-16:00 "Why do you ignore me ?" - Proof that not all direct speech is bad
  Laura Hasler
16:00-16:20 Automatic Sentence Simplification for Subtitling in Dutch & English
  Walter Daelemans & Anja Höthker & Erik Tjong Kim Sang
16:20-16:40 Summarization of Multimodal Information
  Saif Ahmad, Paulo C F de Oliveira & Khurshid Ahmad
P10-W : Computational Lexicons Top
Chairperson : Farah Benamara  
  Polysemy & Category Structure in WordNet : An Evidential Approach
  Tony Veale
  Making an XML-based Japanese-Slovene Learners’ Dictionary
  Tomaž Erjavec, Kristina Hmeljak Sangawa, Irena Srdanović, Anton ml. Vahčič
  A Corpus-based Syntactic Lexicon for Adverbs
  Sanni Nimb
  A Methodology & Associated Tools for Building Interlingual Wordnets
  Dan Tufiş, Eduard Barbu
  Word Sense Disambiguation as a Wordnets Validation Method in Balkanet
  Dan Tufiş, Radu Ion, Nancy Ide
  Multifunctional Computational Lexicon of Contemporary Portuguese : An Available Resource for Multitype Applications
  Florbela Barreto, Raquel Amaro
  STO : A Danish Lexicon Resource - Ready for Applications
  Anna Braasch & Sussi Olsen
  WordNet-Affect : an Affective Extension of WordNet
  Carlo Strapparava & Alessandro Valitutti
  Enriching the Spanish EuroWordNet by Collocations
  Leo Wanner, Margarita Alonso Ramos & Antonia Martí
  FrameNet as a "Net"
  Charles J. Fillmore, Collin F. Baker, & Hiroaki Sato
  The Cross-Breeding of Dictionaries
  Adam Meyers, Ruth Reeves, Catherine Macleod, Rachel Szekely, Veronika Zielinska, Brian Young
  Semi-Automatic Derivation of a French Lexicon from CLIPS
  Nilda Ruimy, Pierrette Bouillon, Bruno Cartoni
  Combining Heterogeneous Lexical Resources
  Cvetana Krstev, Duško Vitas, Ranka Stanković, Ivan Obradović,Gordana Pavlović-Lažetić
  Unifying Lexicons in view of a Phonological & Morphological Lexical DB
  Monica Monachini, Federico Calzolari, Michele Mammini, Sergio Rossi, Marisa Ulivieri
  A Lexicon Module for a Grammar Development Environment
  Ann Copestake, Fabre Lambeau, Benjamin Waldron, Francis Bond, Dan Flickinger, Stephan Oepen
  Using WordNet to Measure Semantic Orientations of Adjectives
  Jaap Kamps, Maarten Marx, Robert J. Mokken, Maarten de Rijke
  Distributional Consistency : As A General Method for Defining A Core Lexicon
  Huarui ZHANG, Churen HUANG, Shiwen YU
  Publicly available topic signatures for all WordNet nominal senses
  Eneko Agirre, Oier Lopez de Lacalle
  A Multilingual Database of Idioms
  Aline Villavicencio, Timothy Baldwin, Benjamin Waldron
  Korean-Chinese-Japanese Multilingual Wordnet with Shared Semantic Hierarchy
  Key-Sun Choi, Hee-Sook Bae, Wonseok Kang, Juho Lee, Eunhe Kim, Hekyeong Kim, Donghee Kim, Youngbin Song, Hyosik Shin
  Extending WordNets to Implicit Information
  Palmira Marrafa
P11-W : Syntactic & Semantic Corpus Annotation Top
Chairperson : Diana Santos  
  A Syntactically Annotated Corpus of Tibetan
  Andreas Wagner, Bettina Zeisler
  Converting Treebank Annotations to Language Neutral Syntax
  Richard Campbell & Eric Ringger
  Automatic transformation of phrase treebanks to dependency trees
  Michael Daum, Kilian A. Foth, Wolfgang Menzel
  Verb Valency Descriptors for a Syntactic Treebank
  Milena Slavcheva
  MED-TYP : A Typological Database for Mediterranean Languages
  Andrea Sansň
  Steps towards Semantically Annotated Language Resources
  Manfred Klenner, Fabio Rinaldi, Michael Hess
P12-W : Corpora for Multilingual Use Top
Chairperson : Amalia Mendes  
  Terminal Device Oriented Comparable Corpora & its Alignment- Towards Extracting Paraphrasing Pat
  Hiroshi Nakagawa, Hidetaka Masuda, Dai Sato
  Connector Usage in the English Essay Writing of Japanese EFL Learners
  Masumi Narita, Chieko Sato & Masatoshi Sugiura
  The Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese : A Corpus for Monolingual & Contrastive Language Study
  Anthony McEnery, Zhonghua Xiao
  Parallel corpora for the Galician language : building & processing of the CLUVI (Linguistic Corpus of the University of Vigo)
  Xavier Gómez-Guinovart & Elena Sacau-Fontenla
  The OPUS corpus - parallel & free
  Jörg Tiedemann, Lars Nygaard
  Making Monolingual Corpora Comparable : a Case Study of Bulgarian & Croatian
  Božo Bekavac, Petya Osenova, Kiril Simov, Marko Tadić
P13-W : General Issues & Large Programs Top
Chairperson : Justus Roux  
  Open Collaborative Development of the Thai Language Resources for Natural Language Processing
  Thatsanee Charoenporn, Virach Sornlertlamvanich, Sawit Kasuriya, Chatchawarn Hansakunbuntheung, & Hitoshi Isahara
  Intelligent Building of Language Resources for HLT Applications
  Anna Samiotou, Lambros Kranias, Dimitrios Kokkinakis
  Creating open language resources for Hungarian
  Péter Halácsy, András Kornai, László Németh, András Rung, István Szakadát, Viktor Trón
  The DeepThought Core Architecture Framework
  Ulrich Callmeier, Andreas Eisele, Ulrich Schäfer, Melanie Siegel
  Web Services for Language Resources & Language Technology Applications
  Christian Biemann, Stefan Bordag, Uwe Quasthoff, Christian Wolff
  Consistent storage of metadata in inference lexica : the MetaLex approach
  Thorsten Trippel, Felix Sasaki, Dafydd Gibbon
  Building Distributed Language Resources by Grid Computing
  Fabio Tamburini
  Integration of Russian Language Resources
  Serge A. Yablonsky
P14-W : Morphosyntactic Data & Tools Top
Chairperson : Beatrice Daille  
  How to Disassemble Alphabetical Processions - Morphological Treatment of Unknown Words
  Stephan Bopp, Sandro Pedrazzini, Elisabeth Maier
  Developing Tools & Building Linguistic Resources for Vietnamese Morpho-Syntactic Processing
  Thanh Bon Nguyen, Thi Minh Huyen Nguyen, Laurent Romary, Xuan Luong Vu
  A Search Tool for Corpora with Positional Tagsets & Ambiguities
  Adam Przepiórkowski, Zygmunt Krynicki, Łukasz Dębowski, Marcin Woliński, Daniel Janus, Piotr Bański
  Derivational Relations in Flective Languages - Czech Case
  Jaroslava Hlaváčová, Jana Klímová
  Lexical Analysis of Agglutinative Languages Using a Dictionary of Lemmas & Lexical Transducers
  Sun-Mee BAE, Key-Sun Choi
  Evaluation & Adaptation of the Celex Dutch Morphological Database
  Tom Laureys, Guy De Pauw, Hugo Van hamme, Walter Daelemans, Dirk Van Compernolle
  Software Tools for Morphological Tagging of Zulu Corpora & Lexicon Development
  Sonja E Bosch & Laurette Pretorius
  Combining symbolic & statistical methods in morphological analysis & unknown word guessing
  Attila Novák, Viktor Nagy, Csaba Oravecz
  Enlarging the Croatian Morphological Lexicon by Automatic Lexical Acquisition from Raw Corpora
  Antoni Oliver, Marko Tadić
  SMOR : A German Computational Morphology Covering Derivation, Composition, & Inflection
  Helmut Schmid, Arne Fitschen, Ulrich Heid
  Part-of-Speech Annotation of Biology Research Abstracts
  Yuka Tateisi, Jun-ichi Tsujii
  A Morphological Analyzer for Standard Albanian
  Jochen Trommer, Dalina Kallulli
  Generating an Arabic full-form lexicon for bidirectional morphology lookup
  Abdelhadi Soudi & Andreas Eisele
  The Core of the Czech Derivational Dictionary
  Radek Sedláček
  Building Part-of-speech Corpora through Histogram Hopping
  Marc Vilain
P15-T : Terminology Acquisition Top
Chairperson : Bodil Nistrup Madsen  
  Automatic Bilingual Lexicon Acquisition Using Random Indexing of Aligned Bilingual Data
  Magnus Sahlgren
  Automatic Generation of Glosses in the OntoLearn System
  Alessandro Cucchiarelli, Roberto Navigli, Francesca Neri, Paola Velardi
  The Bilingual Web Dictionary on Demand
  Henrik Selsře Sřrensen
  Automatisation of the Activity of Term Collection in Different Languages
  Bruno Cartoni, Pierrette Bouillon, Yalina Alphonse & Sabine Lehmann
  The GENOMA-KB platform : Queries over integrated of linguistic resources
  Margarita Hospedales, Manel Rodríguez
  Related Word-pairs Extraction without Dictionaries
  Eiko Yamamoto & Kyoji Umemura
  BootCaT : Bootstrapping Corpora & Terms from the Web
  Marco Baroni & Silvia Bernardini
  Using Profiles for IMDI Metadata Creation
  Daan Broeder, Peter Wittenburg, Onno Crasborn
  A natural language approach to information management : tracking scientific advances through the structure of words
  Andrew Hippisley & Chara Karavasili
  Intranet Try To Find Project (ITTF) : An approach for the search of Relevant information inside an organization
  Christophe Jouis & Jean-Marie Ferru
P16-E : Evaluation of Systems & Tools Top
Chairperson : Bernardo Magnini  
  Highlighting latent structure in documents
  H. Folch, B. Habert, M. Jardino, N. Pernelle, M.C. Rousset, A. Termier
  An Evaluation Protocol for Text Mining Tools : ALCESTE, SAS TEXT MINER, SPAD-CRM & TEMIS Text Mining Solutions Testing
  Yasmina Quatrain, Sylvaine Nugier, Anne Peradotto
  Evaluating Name-Matching for Coreference Resolution
  Olga Uryupina
  Evaluation of Cross-Language Information Retrieval Using the Domain-Specific GIRT Data as Parallel German-English Corpus
  Michael Kluck
  Textual Distraction as a Basis for Evaluating Automatic Summarisers
  Antoinette Renouf & Andrew Kehoe
  Application of the BLEU method for evaluating free-text answers in an e-learning environment
  Diana Pérez, Enrique Alfonseca & Pilar Rodríguez
  Results of the 2003 Topic Detection & Tracking Evaluation
  Jonathan G. Fiscus
  Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar
  Boris Dobrov, Igor Kuralenok, Natalia Loukachevitch, Igor Nekrestyanov, Ilya Segalovich
P17-M : Multimodal Resources, Tools & Documentation Top
Chairperson : Thierry Declerk  
  ALLES : Integrating NLP in ICALL Applications
  Paul Schmidt, Sandrine Garnier, Mike Sharwood, Toni Badia, Lourdes Díaz, Martí Quixal, Ana Ruggia, Antonio S. Valderrabanos, Alberto J. Cruz, Enrique Torrejon, Celia Rico, Jorge Jimenez
  Securing Interpretability : The Case of Ega Language Documentation
  Dafydd Gibbon, Catherine Bow, Steven Bird, Baden Hughes
  Open Resources for Language Technology
  Lars Degerstedt & Arne Jönsson
  A Multi-Modal Documentation System for Warao
  Stefanie Herrmann, Hartmut Keck, & Stephan Kepser
P18-S : Speech Corpora & Annotation/Processing Tools Top
Chairperson : Rainer Siemund  
  Reusing Language Resources for Speech Applications involving Emotion
  Christina Alexandris & Stavroula-Evita Fotinea
  Designing & Recording an Audiovisual Database of Emotional Speech in Basque
  Eva Navas, Amaia Castelruiz, Iker Luengo, Jon Sánchez, Inmaculada Hernáez
  Corpus Design, Recording & Phonetic Analysis of Greek Emotional Database
  Nikos Fakotakis
  CrossTowns : Automatically Generated Phonetic Lexicons of Cross-Lingual Pronunciation Variants of European City Names
  Stefan Schaden
  Creating Slovenian Language Resources for Development of Speech-to-Speech Translation Components
  Darinka Verdonik, Matej Rojc, Zdravko Kačič
  Creation & Assessment of Korean Speech & Noise DB in Car Environment
  Yong-Ju Lee, Bong-Wan Kim, Young-Il Kim, Dae-Lim Choi, Kwang-Hyun Lee, Yongnam Um
  Building a Paraphrase Corpus for Speech Translation
  Mitsuo Shimohata, Eiichiro Sumita & Yuji Matsumoto
  The NIST Meeting Room Pilot Corpus
  John S. Garofolo, Christophe D. Laprun, Martial Michel, Vincent M. Stanford, Elham Tabassi
  Abstracting a Dialogue Act Tagset for Meeting Processing
  Andrei Popescu-Belis
  Measurements of Spoken Language Variability in a Multilingual Corpus. Predictable Aspects
  Massimo Moneglia
  Reliability of Lexical & Prosodic Cues in two Real-life Spoken Dialog Corpora
  L. Devillers, I. Vasilescu
  A Fine-Grained Evaluation Method for Speech-to-Speech Machine Translation Using Concept Annotations
  Robert S. Belvin Susanne Riehemann Kristin Precoda
  Creation & Validation of Large Lexica for Speech-to-Speech Translation Purposes
  Hanne Fersře, Elviira Hartikainen, Henk van den Heuvel, Giulio Maltese, Asuncion Moreno, Shaunie Shammass, Ute Ziegenhain
  The overview of the SST speech corpus of Japanese learner English & evaluation through the experiment on automatic detection of learners’ errors
  Emi Izumi, Kiyotaka Uchimoto & Hitoshi Isahara
  Collecting Spontaneously Spoken Queries for Information Retrieval
  Tomoyosi AKIBA, Atsushi FUJII, Katunobu ITOU
  Cypriot Speech Database : Data Collection & Greek to Cypriot Dialect Adaptation
  Nikos Fakotakis
  The Influence of the Labeller’s Regional Background on Phonetic Transcriptions : Implications for the Evaluation of Spoken Language Resources
  Evie Coussé, Steven Gillis, Hanne Kloots, Marc Swerts
  Building & Using a Corpus of Shallow Dialog Annotated Meetings
  Andrei Popescu-Belis, Maria Georgescul, Alexander Clark, Susan Armstrong
  Querying both time-aligned & hierarchical corpora with NXT Search
  Ulrich Heid, Holger Voormann, Jan-Torsten Milde, Ulrike Gut, Katrin Erk, Sebastian Padó
  Bilingual Connections for Trilingual Corpora : An XML Approach
  Victoria Arranz, Núria Castell, Josep Maria Crego, Jesús Giménez, Adriŕ de Gispert & Patrik Lambert
  Semi-automatic syntactic & semantic corpus annotation with a deep parser
  Mary D. Swift, Myroslava O. Dzikovska, Joel R. Tetreault, James F. Allen
  The Italian NESPOLE ! Corpus : a Multilingual Database with Interlingua Annotations in Tourism & Medical Domains
  Nadia Mana, Roldano Cattoni, Emanuele Pianta, Franca Rossi, Fabio Pianesi & Susanne Burger
  VOXMEX Speech Database : Design of a Phonetically Balanced Corpus
  Esmeralda Uraga & César Gamboa
O30-SW : Infrastructures for LRs Top
Chairperson : Antonio Sanfilippo  
18:25-18:45 Web Services for Language Resources & Language Technology Applications
  Christian Biemann, Stefan Bordag, Uwe Quasthoff, Christian Wolff
18:45-19:05 Towards A Language Infrastructure for the Semantic Web
  Thierry Declerck, Paul Buitelaar, Nicoletta Calzolari, Alessandro Lenci
19:05-19-25 Open-source Tools for Creation, Maintenance, & Storage of Lexical Resources for Language Generation from Ontologies
  Kalina Bontcheva
19:25-19:45 The MULI Project : Annotation & Analysis of Information Structure in German & English
  Stefan Baumann, Caren Brinckmann, Silvia Hansen-Schirra, Geert-Jan Kruijff, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Stella Neumann, Erich Steiner, Elke Teich, Hans Uszkoreit
O31-EW : Coreference, Anaphora & Evaluation (II) Top
Chairperson : Harry Bunt  
18:25-18:45 Pronominal Anaphora Resolution for Unrestricted Text
  Anna Kupść, Teruko Mitamura, Benjamin Van Durme, Eric Nyberg
18:45-19:05 Can Anaphoric Definite Descriptions be Replaced by Pronouns ?
  Judita Preiss, Caroline Gasperin, Ted Briscoe
19:05-19-25 Computing Reliability for Coreference Annotation
  Rebecca J. Passonneau
19:25-19:45 Online Evaluation of Coreference Resolution
  Andrei Popescu-Belis, Loďs Rigouste, Susanne Salmon-Alt, Laurent Romary
O32-ES : Evaluation of Speech Annotation & Systems Top
Chairperson : Jean-Claude Martin  
18:25-18:45 Evaluation of Consensus on the Annotation of Prosodic Breaks in the Romance Corpus of Spontaneous Speech "C-ORAL-ROM"
  Morena Danieli ; Juan María Garrido ; Massimo Moneglia ; Andrea Panizza ; Silvia Quazza ; Marc Swerts
18:45-19:05 Use & Evaluation of Prosodic Annotations in Dutch
  Jacques Duchateau, Tim Ceyssens, Hugo Van hamme
19:05-19-25 Comparative evaluations in the domain of automatic speech recognition
  Alex Trutnev, Martin Rajman
19:25-19:45 An Efficient Word Confidence Measure Using Likelihood Ratio Scores
  Arlindo O. Veiga, Fernando S. Perdigăo
O33-TW : Morphosyntactic Corpora & Tools Top
Chairperson : Anthony McEnery  
18:25-18:45 The verb in the terminological collocations. Contribution to the development of a morphological analyser : MorphoCom
  Rute Costa Raquel Silva
18:45-19:05 MULTEXT-East Version 3 : Multilingual Morphosyntactic Specifications, Lexicons & Corpora
  Tomaž Erjavec
19:05-19:25 The Statistical Analysis of Morphosyntactic Distributions
  Stefan Evert
19:25-19:45 Utilization of Multiple Language Resources for Robust Grammar-Based Tense & Aspect Classification
  Alexis Palmer, Jonas Kuhn, Carlota Smith

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Day 3, Friday 28th May 2004
Schedule Programme Room
09:00-09:40 2 Keynote Speeches
  Nick Campbell :
Getting to the Heart of the Matter ; Speech is more than just the Expression of Text or Language
Pequeno Auditorio
  Gregor Thurmair :
Multilingual Content Processing
09:40-09:45 5 Minutes Break
09:45-11:05 5 Oral Sessions in Parallel
  O34-W : Lexicon & Semantics (II) Pequeno Auditorio
  O35-W : Learning & Acquisition (III) Queda
  O36-SW : Machine Translation & Speech-to-Speech Translation Calempluy
  O37-ESM : Evaluation of Spoken & Multimodal Systems Siaca
  O38-EW : Proofing, Controlled Language & Evaluation Sala A
11:05-11:20 Coffee Break
11:20-13:20 1 Panel & 4 Oral Sessions in Parallel
11:20-13:20 Panel :
Strategic Directions of National & International Research Funding Moderator : Hans Uszkoreit
Pequeno Auditorio
  O39-EW : Evaluation of Information Extraction & Summarisation Systems Queda
  O40-W : Corpora Calempluy
  O41-EMS : Evaluation of Speech & Multimodal Dialogue Systems & Methodology Siaca
  O42-TW : Terminology & Learning Sala A
13:20-14:40 Lunch Break
14:40-16:00 Poster Sessions
  P19-W : Corpora Nobre
  P20-W : Tools for Corpora & Lexicons Nobre hall (1)
  P21-W : Acquisition of Collocations & Patterns Nobre hall (2)
  P22-W : Ontologies Nobre hall (3)
  P23-W : Tools, Systems & Applications Siaca hall
  P24-T : Terminology Tools & Data Sala 7-9
  P25-EW : Evaluation of Language Technologies Sala 7-9
  P26-M : Multimodal Annotation Tools Laman (1)
  P27-SE : Spoken Corpora & Evaluation Laman (2)
16:00-16:20 Coffee Break
16:20-17:20 5 Oral Sessions in Parallel
  O43-W : Semantics & Semantic Web Pequeno Auditorio
  O44-EW : Corpus Annotation & Evaluation Queda
  O45-STW : Lexicon Syntax & Semantics Calempluy
  O46-MW : Annotation of Multimodal Corpora Siaca
  O47-W : Treebanks Sala A
17:20-17:25 5 Minutes Break
17:25-18:05 Antonio Zampolli Prize Talk Pequeno Auditorio
18:05-18:45 Closing Session by Programme Committee Pequeno Auditorio

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Keynote Speeches Top
9:00-9:40 Getting to the Heart of the Matter ; Speech is more than just the Expression of Text or Language
  Nick Campbell
9:00-9:40 Multilingual Content Processing
  Gregor Thurmair
O34-W : Lexicon & Semantics (II) Top
Chairperson : Bolette Sandford Pedersen  
09:45-10:05 Incremental Knowledge Acquisition from WordNet & EuroWordNet
  Wim Peters
10:05-10:25 Sinica BOW (Bilingual Ontological Wordnet) :Integration of Bilingual WordNet & SUMO
  Chu-Ren Huang, Ru-Yng Chang, Shiang-Pin Lee
10:25-10:45 Extending a verb-lexicon using a semantically annotated corpus
  Karin Kipper, Benjamin Snyder, Martha Palmer
10:45-11:05 FrameNet as a "Net"
  Charles J. Fillmore, Collin F. Baker, & Hiroaki Sato
O35-W : Learning & Acquisition (III) Top
Chairperson : Simonetta Montemagni  
09:45-10:05 Discovery of (New) Knowledge & the Analysis of Text Corpora
  Khurshid Ahmad, Maria Teresa Musacchio
10:05-10:25 Construction of a Bilingual Arabic-Spanish Lexicon of Verbs Based on a Parallel Corpus
  Doaa Samy, Antonio Moreno-Sandoval, José M. Guirao
10:25-10:45 Language Modeling using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
  Murat Deviren, Khalid Daoudi & Kamel Smaďli
10:45-11:05 Word Association Norms as a Unique Supplement of Traditional Language Resources
  Anna Sinopalnikova, Pavel Smrz
O36-SW : Machine Translation & Speech-to-Speech Translation Top
Chairperson : Gudrun Magnusdottir  
09:45-10:05 Towards the Use of Word Stems & Suffixes for Statistical Machine Translation
  Maja Popović, Hermann Ney
10:05-10:25 A Comparative Study on Human Communication Behaviors & Linguistic Characteristics for Speech-to-Speech Translation
  Toshiyuki Takezawa & Genichiro Kikui
10:25-10:45 Augmenting Manual Dictionaries for Statistical Machine Translation Systems
  Stephan Vogel
10:45-11:05 Prague Czech-English Dependency Treebank. Syntactically Annotated Resources for Machine Translation
  Martin Čmejrek, Jan Cuřín, Jiří Havelka, Jan Hajič, Vladislav Kuboň
O37-ESM : Evaluation of Spoken & Multimodal Systems Top
Chairperson : Roberto Pieraccini  
09:45-10:05 INSPIRE : Evaluation of a Smart-Home System for Infotainment Management & Device Control
  Sebastian Möller, Jan Krebber, Alexander Raake, Paula Smeele, Martin Rajman, Mirek Melichar, Vincenzo Pallotta, Gianna Tsakou, Basilis Kladis, Anestis Vovos, Jettie Hoonhout, Dietmar Schuchardt, Nikos Fakotakis, Todor Ganchev, Ilyas Potamitis
10:05-10:25 A New ITU-T Recommendation on the Evaluation of Telephone-Based Spoken Dialogue Systems
  Sebastian Möller
10:25-10:45 Evaluation of Microphone Array Front-Ends for ASR - an Extension of the AURORA Framework
  Harald Höge, Christian Geißler, Panji Setiawan, Kai Steinert
10:45-11:05 A complete understanding speech system based on semantic concepts
  Salma Jamoussi, Kamel Smaďli, Dominique Fohr, Jean-Paul Haton
O38-EW : Proofing, Controlled Language & Evaluation Top
Chairperson : Benjamin Tsou  
09:45-10:05 Corporate Voice, Tone of Voice & Controlled Language Techniques
  Bente Maegaard, Lina Henriksen, Bart Jongejan
10:05-10:25 Detecting Errors in English Article Usage with a Maximum Entropy Classifier Trained on a Large, Diverse Corpus
  Na-Rae Han, Martin Chodorow, Claudia Leacock
10:25-10:45 Data Collection & Analysis of Mapudungun Morphology for Spelling Correction
  Christian Monson, Lori Levin, Rodolfo Vega, Ralf Brown, Ariadna Font Llitjos, Alon Lavie, Jaime Carbonell, Eliseo Canulef, Rosendo Huisca
10:45-11:05 Probabilistic Detection of Context-Sensitive Spelling Errors
  Johnny Bigert
O39-EW : Evaluation of Information Extraction & Summarisation Systems Top
Chairperson : Hanne Fersře  
11:20-11:40 A Framework for Evaluating the Suitability of Non-English Corpora for Language Engineering
  Avik Sarkar, Anne De Roeck
11:40-12:00 Test Collections for Patent-to-Patent Retrieval & Patent Map Generation in NTCIR-4 Workshop
  Atsushi Fujii, Makoto Iwayama, Noriko Kando
12:00-12:20 Frequent Term Distribution Measures for Dataset Profiling
  Anne De Roeck, Avik Sarkar, Paul Garthwaite
12:20-12:40 Beyond TREC’s Filtering Track
  Nikolaos Nanas, Victoria Uren, Anne de Roeck, John Domingue
12:40-13:00 A Critical Survey of the Methodology for IE Evaluation
  A. Lavelli, M. E. Califf, F. Ciravegna, D. Freitag, C. Giuliano, N. Kushmerick, L. Romano
13:00-13:20 Agreement in human factoid annotation for summarization evaluation
  Simone Teufel & Hans van Halteren
O40-W : Corpora Top
Chairperson : José Bettencourt  
11:20-11:40 The effect of bias on an automatically-built word sense corpus
  David Martínez, Eneko Agirre
11:40-12:00 Annotating a corpus for building a domain-specific knowledge base
  Sabine Bartsch
12:00-12:20 Rethinking readability of digital editions - the case of the AAC’s "Digital Brenner"
  Karlheinz Mörth
12:20-12:40 A New Approach to the Corpus-based Statistical Investigation of Hungarian Multi-word Lexemes
  Kis, Balázs ; Villada, Begońa ; Bouma, Gosse ; Ugray, Gábor ; Bíró, Tamás ; Pohl, Gábor ; Nerbonne, John
12:40-13:00 The American National Corpus First Release
  Nancy Ide & Keith Suderman
13:00-13:20 A Language Resources Infrastructure for Bulgarian
  Kiril Simov, Petya Osenova, Sia Kolkovska, Elisaveta Balabanova, Dimitar Doikoff
O41-EMS : Evaluation of Speech & Multimodal Dialogue Systems & Methodology Top
Chairperson : Toshiyuki Takezawa  
11:20-11:40 From Acts & Topics to Transactions & Dialogue Smoothness
  Hans Dybkjćr & Laila Dybkjćr
11:40-12:00 Usability Evaluation of Multimodal & Domain-Oriented Spoken Language Dialogue Systems
  Laila Dybkjćr, Niels Ole Bernsen & Wolfgang Minker
12:00-12:20 Evaluation of multi-party virtual reality dialogue interaction
  David R. Traum, Susan Robinson, Jens Stephan
12:20-12:40 Evaluation of a Multimodal Dialogue System for Small-screen Devices
  Holmer Hemsen
12:40-13:00 Issues in corpus development for multi-party multi-modal task-oriented dialogue
  Susan Robinson, Bilyana Martinovski, Saurabh Garg, Jens Stephan, & David Traum
13:00-13:20 Methodology for Rapid Prototyping & Testing of ASR Based User Interfaces
  Pedro Concejero Cerezo, Juan José Rodríguez, Daniel Tapias Merino, Alberto J. Sánchez García
O42-TW : Terminology & Learning Top
Chairperson : Teresa Cabré  
11:20-11:40 Evaluation of Different Similarity Measures for the Extraction of Multiword Units in a Reinforcement Learning Environment
  Gaël Dias, Sérgio Nunes
11:40-12:00 Clustering Concept Hierarchies from Text
  Philipp Cimiano, Andreas Hotho, Steffen Staab
12:00-12:20 Using cooccurrence statistics & the web to discover synonyms in a technical language
  Marco Baroni & Sabrina Bisi
12:20-12:40 Automatically selecting domain markers for terminology extraction
  Jorge Vivaldi, Horacio Rodríguez
12:40-13:00 A XML-Based Term Extraction Tool for Basque
  I. Alegria, A. Gurrutxaga, P. Lizaso, X. Saralegi, S. Ugartetxea, R. Urizar
13:00-13:20 An Annotation Scheme for a Rhetorical Analysis of Biology Articles
  Yoko Mizuta & Nigel Collier
P19-W : Corpora Top
Chairperson : Virach Sornlertlamvanich  
  Towards basic categories for describing properties of texts in a corpus
  Serge Sharoff
  Sejong Korean Corpora in the Making
  Beom-mo Kang & Heunggyu Kim
  The Integrated Language Database of 8th - 21st-Century Dutch
  J.G. Kruyt
  Portuguese Large-scale Language Resources for NLP Applications
  Elisabete Ranchhod, Paula Carvalho, Cristina Mota, Anabela Barreiro
  A Galician Textual Corpus for Morphosyntactic Tagging with Application to Text-to-Speech Synthesis
  Lorena Seijo Pereiro, Ana Martínez Ínsua, Francisco Méndez Pazó, Francisco Campillo Díaz, Eduardo Rodríguez Banga
  MiniCors & Cast3LB : Two Semantically Tagged Spanish Corpora
  Taulé M. ; Civit M. ; Artigas N. ; García M. ; Mŕrquez L. ; Martí, M.A. ; Navarro, B.
  Putting the Dutch PAROLE Corpus to Work
  P.H.J. van der Kamp & J.G. Kruyt
  Introducing the La Repubblica Corpus : A Large, Annotated, TEI(XML)-Compliant Corpus of Newspaper Italian
  Marco Baroni, Silvia Bernardini, Federica Comastri, Lorenzo Piccioni, Alessandra Volpi, Guy Aston, Marco Mazzoleni
  Retrieving Corpora for Corpus Annotation
  Yoshida Kyôsuke, Hashimoto Taiichi, Tokunaga Takenobu, Tanaka Hozumi
  The Lácio-Web : Corpora & Tools to advance Brazilian Portuguese Language Investigations & Computational Linguistic Tools
  Sandra Aluisio, Gisele Montilha Pinheiro, Aline M.P. Manfrim, Leandro H.M. de Oliveira, Luiz C. Genoves Jr. & Stella E.O. Tagnin
  CSTBank : A Corpus for the Study of Cross-document Structural Relationships
  Dragomir Radev, Jahna Otterbacher, Zhu Zhang
  Applying Computational Linguistic Techniques in a Documentary Project for Q’anjob’al (Mayan, Guatemala)
  Jonas Kuhn, B’alam Mateo-Toledo
  A Comparison of Two Variant Corpora : The Same Content with Different Sources
  Kyonghee Paik, Kiyonori Ohtake, Kazuhide Yamamoto
  Unexpected Productions May Well be Errors
  Tylman Ule & Kiril Simov
  Computational Lexicography & Carlo Emilio Gadda, Principe dell’Analisi e Duca della Buona Cognizione
  Maria Luigia Ceccotti, Manuela Sassi
  The AAC [Austrian Academy Corpus]. An Enterprise to Develop Large Electronic Text Corpora
  Dr Hanno Biber, Dr Evelyn Breiteneder
  Semantic Annotating of Czech Corpus via WSD
  Robert Král
  Linguistic Miner : an Italian Linguistic Knowledge System
  Eugenio Picchi, Maria Luigia Ceccotti, Sebastiana Cucurullo, Manuela Sassi, Eva Sassolini
  Adding Syntactic Annotations to Transcripts of Parent-Child Dialogs
  Kenji Sagae, Brian MacWhinney & Alon Lavie
  The OLISSIPO & LECTIO projects
  Giuseppe Cappelli, Paulo Alberto
P20-W : Tools for Corpora & Lexicons Top
Chairperson : Ulrich Heid  
  Providing on-line access to Portuguese language resources : corpora & lexicons
  Maria Fernanda Bacelar do Nascimento, Amália Mendes, Luísa Pereira
  Classification of Japanese Spatial Nouns
  Tokunaga Takenobu, Koyama Tomofumi, Saito Suguru, Nakajima Masayuki
  Toward Text Understanding : Integrating Relevance-tagged Corpus & Automatically Constructed Case Frames
  Daisuke Kawahara, Ryohei Sasano, Sadao Kurohashi
  Building a Conceptual GraphBank for Chinese Language
  Ji Donghong, Tang Li, Nie Yu, Yang Lingpeng
  Morphology based automatic acquisition of large-coverage lexica
  Lionel Clément, Benoît Sagot, Bernard Lang
  Towards Intelligent Written Cultural Heritage Processing - Lexical processing
  Kiril Ribarov
P21-W : Acquisition of Collocations & Patterns Top
Chairperson : Alessandro Lenci  
  Collocation Extraction Using Web Statistics
  Hsin-Hsi Chen, Yi-Cheng Yu, & Chih-Long Lin
  Improving Collocation Extraction for High Frequency Words
  David Wible, Chin-Hwa Kuo & Nai-Lung Tsao
  Discarding noise in an automatically acquired lexicon of support verb constructions
  M. Begońa Villada Moirón
  Representing Italian Complex Nominals : a Pilot Study
  Valeria Quochi
  Automatic extraction of syntactic semantic patterns for multilingual resources
  Borja Navarro, Manuel Palomar, Patricio Martínez-Barco
  Using the Web as a Corpus for the Syntactic-Based Collocation Identification
  Violeta Seretan, Luka Nerima, Eric Wehrli
P22-W : Ontologies Top
Chairperson : Nancy Ide  
  Concept Creation in Lexical Ontologies
  Nuno Seco, Tony Veale, Jer Hayes
  Investigation on Semantics to Improve the COVAX System
  Luciana Bordoni
  Some Meaning Procedures of Ontological Semantics
  Marjorie McShane, Stephen Beale & Sergei Nirenburg
  Development of Ontologies with Minimal Set of Conceptual Relations
  Natalia V. Loukachevitch & Boris V. Dobrov
  The Integral Dictionary : An Ontological Resource for the Semantic Web. Integration of EuroWordNet, Balkanet, TID, & SUMO
  Dominique Dutoit, Pierre Nugues, Patrick de Torcy
  Top Ontology as a Tool for Semantic Role Tagging
  Karel Pala & Pavel Smrz
  A Framework for Temporal Resolution
  Georgiana Puşcaşu
  OntoTag’s Linguistic Ontologies : Enhancing Higher Level & Semantic Web Annotations
  Guadalupe Aguado de Cea, Inmaculada Álvarez de Mon, Antonio Pareja-Lora
P23-W : Tools, Systems & Applications Top
Chairperson : Anna Braasch  
  Information Extraction from Hindi Texts
  Kamlesh Dutta, Saroj Kaushik, Nupur Prakash
  Cost-effective cross-lingual document classification
  Núria Bel, Cornelis H.A. Koster, Marta Villegas
  NLP-enhanced error checking for Catalan unrestricted text
  Toni Badia, Ŕngel Gil, Martí Quixal & Oriol Valentín
  Resources & Techniques for Multilingual Information Extraction
  Stephan Busemann & Hans-Ulrich Krieger
  Identifying Definitions in Text Collections for Question Answering
  Horacio Saggion
  A Grammar & Style Checker Based on Internet Searches
  Joaquim Moré, Salvador Climent, Antoni Oliver
  Multilingual Pattern Libraries for Question Answering : a Case Study for Definition Questions
  Hristo Tanev, Milen Kouylekov, Matteo Negri, Bonaventura Coppola, Bernardo Magnini
  Integrated Language Technologies for Multilingual Information Services in the MEMPHIS Project
  Walter Kasper, Jörg Steffen, Jakub Piskorski, Paul Buitelaar
  What is my Style ? Using Stylistic Features of Portuguese Web Texts to classify Web pages according to Users’ Needs
  Rachel Aires, Aline Manfrin, Sandra Aluísio, Diana Santos
  INQUER : A WordNet-based Question-Answering Application
  Catarina Ribeiro, Ricardo Santos, Joăo Correia, Rui Pedro Chaves & Palmira Marrafa
  Word Sense Disambiguation Using Random Indexing
  Márton Miháltz
  eGram - a Grammar Development Environment & its Usage for Language Generation
  Stephan Busemann
  A2Q : an agent-based architecture for multilingual Q&A
  Roberto Basili, Nicola Lorusso, Maria Teresa Pazienza, Fabio Massimo Zanzotto
  MEAD - a platform for multidocument multilingual text summarization
  Dragomir Radev, Timothy Allison, Sasha Blair-Goldensohn, John Blitzer, Arda Celebi, Stanko Dimitrov, Elliott Drabek, Ali Hakim, Wai Lam, Danyu Liu, Jahna Otterbacher, Hong Qi, Horacio Saggion, Simone Teufel, Michael Topper, Adam Winkel, Zhu Zhang
  NLP-enhanced Content Filtering within the POESIA Project
  Mark Hepple, Neil Ireson, Paolo Allegrini, Simone Marchi, Simonetta Montemagni & Jose Maria Gomez Hidalgo
P24-T : Terminology Tools & Data Top
Chairperson : Widad Mustafa  
  Using Weighted Abduction to Align Term Variant Translations in Bilingual Texts
  Michael Carl, Ecaterina Rascu & Johann Haller
  Definition, dictionaries & tagger for Extended Named Entity Hierarchy
  Satoshi Sekine, Chikashi Nobata
  Term Translations in Parallel Corpora : Discovery & Consistency Check
  Dan Tufiş
  Automatic Classification of Geographical Named Entities
  Daniel Ferrés, Marc Massot, Muntsa Padró, Horacio Rodríguez, Jordi Turmo
  A XML-Based Term Extraction Tool for Basque
  I. Alegria, A. Gurrutxaga, P. Lizaso, X. Saralegi, S. Ugartetxea, R. Urizar
  Development of Bilingual Domain-Specific Ontology for Automatic Conceptual Indexing
  Natalia V. Loukachevitch & Boris V. Dobrov
  Principles of a system for terminological concept modelling
  Bodil Nistrup Madsen, Hanne Erdman Thomsen, Carl Vikner
  An Automatic Method for Constructing Domain-Specific Ontology Resources
  Melania Degeratu, Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou
  From Weaver to the ALPAC Report
  Gabriella Pardelli, Manuela Sassi, Sara Goggi
P25-EW : Evaluation of Language Technologies Top
Chairperson : Andrei Popescu-Belis  
  NIST Language Technology Evaluation Cookbook
  Alvin F. Martin, John S. Garofolo, Jonathan C. Fiscus, Audrey N. Le, David S. Pallett, Mark A. Przybocki, Gregory A. Sanders
  Incremental Methods to Select Test Sentences for Evaluating Translation Ability
  Yasuhiro Akiba, Eiichiro Sumita, Hiromi Nakaiwa, Seiichi Yamamoto, & Hiroshi G. Okuno
  How Does Automatic Machine Translation Evaluation Correlate With Human Scoring as the Number of Reference Translations Increases ?
  Andrew FINCH, Yasuhiro AKIBA, Eiichiro SUMITA
  The Ongoing Evaluation Campaign of Syntactic Parsing of French : EASY
  Anne Vilnat, Patrick Paroubek, Laura Monceaux, Isabelle Robba, Véronique Gendner, Gabriel Illouz, Michčle Jardino
  Evaluation & Adaptation of a Specialised Language Checking Tool for Non-specialised Machine Translation & Non-expert MT Users for Multi-lingual Telecooperation
  Rita Nübel
  Calibrating resource-light automatic MT evaluation : a cheap approach to ranking MT systems by the usability of their output
  Bogdan Babych, Debbie Elliott, Anthony Hartley
  Comparing the Ambiguity Reduction Abilities of Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars
  Gabriel Infante-Lopez, Maarten de Rijke
  Parsing Ungrammatical Input : An Evaluation Procedure
  Jennifer Foster
  MT goes farming : Comparing two machine translation approaches on a new domain
  Per Weijnitz, Eva Forsbom, Ebba Gustavii, Eva Pettersson, Jörg Tiedemann
  Road-testing the English Resource Grammar over the British National Corpus
  Timothy Baldwin, Emily M. Bender, Dan Flickinger, Ara Kim, & Stephan Oepen
  Interpreting BLEU/NIST Scores : How much Improvement Do We Need to Have a Better System ?
  Ying Zhang, Stephan Vogel, Alex Waibel
P26-M : Multimodal Annotation Tools Top
Chairperson : Dafydd Gibbon  
  A Chatbot as a Novel Corpus Visualization Tool
  Bayan Abu Shawar & Eric Atwell
  Transcrigal : A Bilingual System for Automatic Indexing of Broadcast News
  Carmen Garcia-Mateo, Javier Dieguez-Tirado, Laura Docio-Fernandez, Antonio Cardenal-Lopez
  Annotating Multi-media / Multi-modal resources with ELAN
  Hennie Brugman, Albert Russel
  A Framework for Data-Driven Video-Realistic Audio-Visual Speech-Synthesis
  Christian Weiss
  Callisto : A Configurable Annotation Workbench
  David Day, Chad McHenry, Robyn Kozierok, Laurel Riek
  Annotation Tools for Large-Scale Corpus Development : Using AGTK at the Linguistic Data Consortium
  Kazuaki Maeda & Stephanie Strassel
P27-SE : Spoken Corpora & Evaluation Top
Chairperson : Christoph Draxler  
  Development & Integration of the LDA-Toolkit into the COST249 SpeechDat (II) SIG Reference Recognizer
  Bojan Kotnik, Zdravko Kačič, & Bogomir Horvat
  Duration Modeling For Turkish Text-to-Speech Synthesis System
  The BITS Speech Synthesis Corpus for German
  Tania Ellbogen, Florian Schiel, Alexander Steffen
  Development of Slovenian Broadcast News Speech Database
  Janez Žibert, France Mihelič
  The Design of Czech Language Formal Listening Tests for the Evaluation of TTS Systems
  Daniel Tihelka, Jindřich Matoušek
  Acquisition & Annotation of Slovenian Broadcast News Database
  Andrej Žgank, Tomaž Rotovnik, Mirjam Sepesy Maučec, Darinka Verdonik, Janez Kitak, Damjan Vlaj, Vladimir Hozjan, Zdravko Kačič, Bogomir Horvat
  The COST 278 MASPER initiative - crosslingual speech recognition with large telephone databases
  Andrej Žgank, Zdravko Kačič, Frank Diehl, Klara Vicsi, Gyorgy Szaszak, Jozef Juhar, Slavomir Lihan
  A data-driven adaptation of prosody in a multilingual TTS
  Janez Stergar, Caglayan Erdem, Bogomir Horvat, Zdravko Kačič
  A Multilingual Phonological Resource Toolkit for Ubiquitous Speech Technology
  Daniel Aioanei, Julie Carson-Berndsen, Anja Geumann, Robert Kelly, Moritz Neugebauer, Stephen Wilson
  Evaluating the FOKS Error Model
  Slaven Bilac, Timothy Baldwin & Hozumi Tanaka
  Evaluation of a Speech Cuer : from Motion Capture to a Concatenative Text-to-Cued Speech System
  Guillaume Gibert, Gérard Bailly, Frédéric Eliséi, Denis Beautemps, Rémi Brun
  Evaluation of a Spoken Phonetic Database in Basque Language
  V. Guijarrubia, I. Torres, L.J. Rodríguez
  The French MEDIA/EVALDA project : the evaluation of the understanding capability of Spoken Language Dialogue Systems
  L. Devillers, H. Maynard, S. Rosset, P. Paroubek, K. McTait, D. Mostefa, K. Choukri, L. Charnay, C. Bousquet, N. Vigouroux, F. Béchet, L. Romary, J.Y. Antoine, J. Villaneau, M. Vergnes, J. Goulian
  On the Usefulness of Large Spoken Language Corpora for Linguistic Research
  Christophe Van Bael, Henk van den Heuvel, Helmer Strik
  Learning to predict Pitch Accents using Bayesian Belief Networks for Greek Language
  Panagiotis Zervas, Manolis Maragoudakis, Nikos Fakotakis, George Kokkinakis
  Automatic Generation of Compound Word Lexicon for Hindi Speech Synthesis
  Deepa S.R., Kalika Bali, A.G. Ramakrishnan, Partha Pratim Talukdar
  Semi-automatic acquisition of command grammar
  Thierry Poibeau & Bénédicte Goujon
  Usability Evaluation of Spoken Dialogue Systems
  Lars Bo Larsen
  An Acoustic Corpus Contemplating Regional Variation for Studies of European Portuguese Nasals
  António Teixeira, Liliana Ferreira, Lurdes Moutinho, Rosa Lídia Coimbra, Raquel Lisboa
  Perceptual Evaluation of Quality Deterioration Owing to Prosody Modification
  Kazuki Adachi, Tomoki Toda, Hiromichi Kawanami, Hiroshi Saruwatari & Kiyohiro Shikano
  Evaluation of Transcription & Annotation tools for a Multi-modal, Multi-party dialogue corpus
  Saurabh Garg, Bilyana Martinovski, Susan Robinson, Jens Stephan, Joel Tetreault, David R. Traum
  Japanese MULTEXT : a Prosodic Corpus
  Kitazawa Shigeyoshi, Kiriyama Shinya, Itoh Toshihiko, Nick Campbell
O43-W : Semantics & Semantic Web Top
CHairperson : Paul Buitelaar  
16:20-16:40 Finding Semantic Associations on Express Lane
  Vivi Năstase, Rada Mihalcea
16:40-17:00 Exploiting Semantic Web Technologies for Intelligent Access to Historical Documents
  Nancy Ide & David Woolner
17:00-17:20 Constructing Word-Sense Association Networks from Bilingual Dictionary & Comparable Corpora
  Hiroyuki Kaji & Osamu Imaichi
O44-EW : Corpus Annotation & Evaluation Top
Chairperson : Nelleke Oostdijk  
16:20-16:40 A Labelled Corpus for Prepositional Phrase Attachment
  Brian Mitchell & Robert Gaizauskas
16:40-17:00 Annotators’ Agreement : The Case of Topic-Focus Articulation
  Kateřina Veselá, Jiří Havelka, Eva Hajičová
17:00-17:20 A Word Alignment System based on a Translation Equivalence Extractor
  Ana-Maria Barbu
O45-STW : Lexicon Syntax & Semantics Top
Chairperson : Palmira Marrafa  
16:20-16:40 Enriching a Thai Lexical Database with Selectional Preferences
  Canasai Kruengkrai, Thatsanee Charoenporn,Virach Sornlertlamvanich, Hitoshi Isahara
16:40-17:00 Automatic Keyword Extraction from Spoken Text. A Comparison of two Lexical Resources : EDR & WordNet
  Lonneke van der Plas, Vincenzo Pallotta, Martin Rajman, Hatem Ghorbel
17:00-17:20 Lexical Entry Templates for Robust Deep Parsing
  Montserrat Marimon & Núria Bel
O46-MW : Annotation of Multimodal Corpora Top
Chairperson : Wolfgang Minker  
16:20-16:40 CoGesT : a formal transcription system for conversational gesture
  Thorsten Trippel, Dafydd Gibbon, Alexandra Thies,Jan-Torsten Milde, Karin Looks, Benjamin Hell, Ulrike Gut
16:40-17:00 Standardization in Multimodal Content Representation : Some Methodological Issues
  Harry Bunt, Laurent Romary
17:00-17:20 Experiences in Collection of Handwriting Data for Online Handwriting Recognition in Indic Scripts
  Ajay S Bhaskarabhatla & Sriganesh Madhvanath
O47-W : Treebanks Top
Chairperson : Gabriel Pereira Lopes  
16:20-16:40 The Tüba-D/Z Treebank : Annotating German with a Context-Free Backbone
  Heike Telljohann, Erhard Hinrichs, Sandra Kübler
16:40-17:00 Enriching a French treebank
  Anne Abeillé, Nicolas Barrier
17:00-17:20 The Penn Discourse Treebank
  Eleni Miltsakaki, Rashmi Prasad, Aravind Joshi, Bonnie Webber

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