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Natural Language Processing meets Journalism III

Session : Morning Oral
10.10-10.30 Chris Leberknight, Kateryna Kaplun and Anna Feldman A Comparison of Lexicons for Detecting Controversy
11.00-11.20 Mohammad Taghipour, Foad Aboutorabi, Vahid Zarrabi and Habibollah Asghari An Integrated text mining Platform for Monitoring of Persian News Agencies
11.20-11.40 Maria Pontiki, Konstantina Papanikolaou and Haris Papageorgiou Exploring the Predominant Targets of Xenophobia-motivated behavior: A longitudinal study for Greece
11.40-12.00 Marcelo Sardelich and Dimitar Kazakov Extending the Loughran and McDonald Financial Sentiment Words List from 10-K Corporate Fillings using Social Media Texts


Session : Afternoon Oral
13.30-13.50 VenuMadhav Kattagoni and Navjyoti Singh IREvent2Story: A Novel Mediation Ontology and Narrative Generation
13.50 – 14.10 Delphine Charlet and Géraldine Damnati Linking written News and TV Broadcast News topic segments with semantic textual similarity
14.10-14.30 Alina Irimia, Punguta Paul and Radu Gheorghiu Tacit Knowledge - Weak Signal Detection


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