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Animating AZee Descriptions Using Off-the-Shelf IK Solvers Fabrizio Nunnari, Michael Filhol and Alexis Heloir
Augmenting Sparse Corpora for Enhanced Sign Language Recognition and Generation Heike Brock, Juliette Rengot and Kazuhiro Nakadai


Building French Sign Language Motion Capture Corpora for Signing Avatars Sylvie Gibet
Building the ASL Signbank: Lemmatization Principles for ASL Julie Hochgesang, Onno Crasborn and Diane Lillo-Martin


Communication Across Sensorial Divides – A Proposed Community Sourced Corpus of Everyday Interaction between Deaf Signers and Hearing Nonsigners Mio Cibulka
Crowdsourcing for the Swedish Sign Language Dictionary Nikolaus Riemer Kankkonen, Thomas Björkstrand, Johanna Mesch and Carl Börstell


Depicting signs and different text genres: Preliminary observations in the corpus of Finnish sign language Ritva Takkinen, Jarkko Keränen and Juhana Salonen
Development of an “Integrative System for Korean Sign Language Resources” Sung-Eun Hong, Seongok Won, Il Heo and Hyunhwa Lee


Exploring localization for mouthings in sign language avatars Rosalee Wolfe, Thomas Hanke, Gabriele Langer, Elena Jahn, Satu Worseck, Julian Bleicken, John McDonald and Sarah Johnson
Extending the AZee-Paula Shortcuts to Enable Natural Proform Synthesis Michael Filhol and John McDonald


From design and collection to annotation of a learner corpus of sign language Johanna Mesch and Krister Schönström


Hand in Hand - Using Data from an Online Survey System to Support Lexicographic Work Sabrina Waehl, Gabriele Langer and Anke Mueller


Improving lemmatisation consistency without a phonological description. The Danish Sign Language Corpus and Dictionary Project. Jette Kristoffersen and Thomas Troelsgård


Modeling and Predicting the Location of Pauses for the Generation of Animations of American Sign Language Sedeeq Al-khazraji, Sushant Kafle and Matt Huenerfauth
Modeling of geographical location in French sign language from a semantically compositional grammar. Mohamed nassime Hadjadj


NEW Shared & Interconnected ASL Resources: SignStream® 3 Software; DAI 2 for Web Access to Linguistically Annotated Video Corpora; and a Sign Bank Carol Neidle, Augustine Opoku, Gregory Dimitriadis and Dimitri Metaxas


Per Channel Automatic Annotation of Sign Language Motion Capture Data Lucie Naert, Clément Reverdy, Caroline Larboulette and Sylvie Gibet
Publishing DGS corpus data: Different Formats for Different Needs Elena Jahn, Reiner Konrad, Gabriele Langer, Sven Wagner and Thomas Hanke


Queries and Views in iLex to Support Corpus-based Lexicographic Work on German Sign Language (DGS) Gabriele Langer, Anke Mueller and Sabrina Waehl
Quotation in Russian Sign Language: a corpus study Vadim Kimmelman and Evegniia Khristoforova


Raising awareness for a Korean Sign Language Corpus among the Deaf community Sung-Eun Hong, Seong-Ok Won, Il Heo and Hyun-Hwa Lee
Recognizing Non-manual Signals in Filipino Sign Language Joanna Pauline Rivera and Clement Ong


Scalable ASL Sign Recognition using Model-based Machine Learning and Linguistically Annotated Corpora Dimitri Metaxas, Mark Dilsizian and Carol Neidle
SiLOrB and Signotate: A Proposal for Lexicography and Corpus-building via the Transcription, Annotation, and Writing of Signs Brenda Clark and Greg Clark
SLAAASh and the ASL Deaf communities (or “so many gifs!”) Julie Hochgesang


Tactile Japanese Sign Language and Finger Braille: An Example of Data Collection for Minority Languages in Japan Mayumi Bono, Rui Sakaida, Ryosaku Makino, Tomohiro Okada, Kouhei Kikuchi, Mio Cibulka, Louisa Willoughby, Shimako Iwasaki and Satoshi Fukushima
Terminology Enrichment through Crowd Sourcing at PYLES Platform Eleni Efthimiou, Evita Fotinea, Panos Kakoulidis and Theodore Goulas
The Cologne Corpus of German Sign Language as L2 (C/CSL2): Current Development Stand Alejandro Oviedo, Thomas Kaul, Leonid Klinner and Reiner Griebel
The Hong Kong Sign Language Browser Felix Sze, Kloris Lau and Kevin Yu
The LESCO Corpus. Data for the Description of Costa Rican Sign Language Alejandro Oviedo and Christian Ramirez
The POLYTROPON parallel corpus Eleni Efthimiou, Kiki Vasilaki, Evita Fotinea, Anna Vacalopoulou, Theodore Goulas and Athanasia-Lida Dimou


What corpus-based research on negation in Auslan and PJM tells us about building and using sign language corpora Anna Kuder, Joanna Filipczak, Piotr Mostowski, Paweł Rutkowski and Trevor Johnston
Where methods meet: Combining corpus data and elicitation in sign language research Vadim Kimmelman, Ulrika Klomp and Marloes Oomen
Which Picture? A Methodology for the Evaluation of SL Animation Understandability Vonjiniaina Domohina Malala, Elise Prigent, Annelies Braffort and Bastien Berret
Workflow Management and Quality Control in the Development of the PJM Corpus: The Use of an Issue-Tracking System Piotr Mostowski, Anna Kuder, Joanna Filipczak and Paweł Rutkowski
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